What things Tibet tourists must notice and prepare before travel to Tibet, especially the health issues ?

Things that Tibet tourism needs attention

For many tourists who never been to the Sichuan -Tibet, it’s easy to let a person produce fear actually! As long as you understand the climate characteristic of Sichuan-Tibet, and treat yourself correctly and relaxing the mood, you will spend a wonderful and unforgettable time in Tibet!

The climate in Tibet features are in low air pressure, air density is small, 25% to 30% less oxygen than inland plains with strong sunlight, annual average 3000 hours of sunshine. Lhasa is referred to as “sun city”, a long cold winter. Tibet’s annual rainfall is small at the same time, the average rainfall of only 200-500 mm. The climate is dry, especially in winter, and large temperature difference between day and night. There are also good for people’s respect, strong ultraviolet line, and many bacteria to breed, can prevent some diseases. Air pollution, Lhasa is one of the smallest city air and water pollution in China. Especially after a storm comes a calm, a cloudless blue sky, fresh air, make the person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

Tibet major cities (unit: m) is in 3650 meters in Lhasa, Xigaze, 3836 meters, 4040 meters of Gyantse, Nyingchi 3000 meters.

Because of the special plateau environment of Tibet, the body will have certain health requirements. Therefore, travel to Tibet before it is necessary to go to a hospital for a physical examination. The following will introduce some basic care of plateau common sense.

What things Tibet tours must notice and prepare before you travel to Tibet, especially the health issues

1, Who is not suitable to travel to Tibet?

Heart, lungs, brain, liver and kidney lesions such as heart disease, lung disease, severe hypertension, severe anemia patients is unfavorable to the plateau tourism, caught a bad cold. If you have never been in plateau, so suggest you before entering plateau, strict examination.

With organic disease, severe anemia and high blood pressure of tourists on the plateau environment of poor ability to adapt. They are at the beginning of the entering plateau, the risk of acute mountain sickness is significantly higher than the others; If in plateau for a long time, also the others was susceptible to a variety of chronic plateau sickness. Because the body to adapt to the plateau environment at the same time, the liver, lung, heart, kidney and other important organs of compensatory activity increasing, make the viscera of burdens. Once these organs appeared problems that will make your illness even worse.

If you don’t know whether I can participate in Sichuan-Tibet travel activities, it is recommended that you ask the experienced doctors or plateau people consult advisory matters needing attention, accomplish know fairly well. And as far as possible the prudent principle, avoid unnecessary tension.

2, Before entering plateau

(1) Before entering the plateau, you need to the good condition can be adjusted to have a body, ban on alcohol and tobacco, prevent the upper respiratory tract infection. Avoid too overworked, good rest to recharge. Appropriate take American ginseng, etc., in order to enhance the body resistance to hypoxia. Respiratory tract infection, if any, shall be cured and then into the plateau. Don’t take a disease to Tibet; Should sleep enough, don’t be nervous mood, to hide the movement wants slow some, can do more deep breathing, according to the doctor’s advice when necessary with some drugs.

Suggest you consider with the following drugs such as gold Theragran, lip balm, glucose, aspirin, vitamin E/C, pill, bezoar detoxify piece, tranquilizers, aminophylline, cold, white oil, and administering or bubble point American ginseng:, laryngitis, cough, stomach medicine, gauze, water, eye drops, anti-inflammatory drugs, snacks, etc. To ease the plateau response will have satisfactory effect.

Due to the plateau climate cold, day and night temperature difference is big, strong sunlight. Prepare enough warm clothes in case the catch cold catch cold catch a cold. Cold and respiratory infections may trigger acute altitude sickness. Travel to Tibet plateau should wear comfortable, warm clothes and had better wear sunglasses, lip balm, sun hat, sunscreen, down jacket, sunglasses, go to mount Everest, Ali lines had better bring your own sleeping bag ready enough rubber roll, camera batteries, cash, mobile phone, wet towel, personal hygiene items.

(2)Good psychological quality is the best overcoming and wining over the plateau response of a panacea. A large number of examples of staying open-minded optimism, a strong self-confidence, can weaken the plateau response with physical discomfort. Conversely worried, thinking too much, a slight discomfort has plateau tension, it will increase the oxygen consumption of brain tissue, so that the body unwell, healing time extended.

3, Matters needing attention on the way into the plateau

(1) The early to plateau, everyone will feel different levels of altitude sickness, such as headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, etc., generally a l ~ 2 days later, the above symptoms will gradually ease or disappear should as far as possible, preparation of oxygen and the prevention and treatment of acute plateau disease drugs, such as Aka Nifedipine, aminophylline, etc., also need to have the prevention and control of cold drugs, antibiotics and vitamins, etc., in one thousand.

(2)On our way into the plateau if serious mountain reaction symptoms, should be dealt with immediately, timely taking aminophylline or sublingual containing benzene nitrate? Totally 20 mg. Serious when oxygen. If severe chest tightness, cough, dyspnea, cough, slow to respond, indifference, and even coma, except for the processing, should be performed as soon as possible to the nearby hospital rescue, or transferred to the lower altitude area as soon as possible, so as to recover treatment.

(3) Due to the time needed for long ride into the plateau, energy is used up big, therefore, except to prepare the above items should also be prepared to water or drinks and delicious digestible food, to replenish the body needs water and heat.

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4, Altitude sickness

Traveling in Tibet, should pay attention to most is plateau response. Plateau response varies from person to person, not before it is difficult to predict on the plateau. Body is not necessarily the weak reaction is big, strong man is not necessarily. Everyone’s reaction forms are different. In general, thin people better than fat people, woman is better than the man, short is better than tall, young men better than the elderly.

From the plains into the plateau, the body appear of regulatory changes mainly displays in the following respects:

(1)The pulse frequency (heart) : normal pulse in plain area is 72 times/min, when to plateau at the beginning of the pulse can be increased to 80 ~ 90 times/min, to live after a period of time, can restore again.

(2) Breathing: respiratory mild hypoxia, breathing deepened to speed up the first performance, with a lack of oxygen increased breathing rate also further speed up, people feel lung condition short stay. After adaptation, you will gradually restore to its original level.

(3) Blood pressure: early after entering plateau, such as vascular receptor function and humoral effect, make skin and abdominal viscera vasoconstriction, blood pressure, thus ensuring the heart coronary artery, cerebrovascular blood supply. It will return to normal after the adaptation.

(4) The nervous system: the central nervous system, especially the brain of oxygen sensitive. Mild hypoxia, the entire nervous system excitability enhancement, such as emotional tension, easily excited, which in turn have headaches, dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, and so on. After entering high altitude, by excitation to inhibition process, drowsiness, consciousness about desert, slow performance. Can appear a few serious loss of consciousness and coma, if will return to normal after into the lowlands. Neurologic symptoms of weight often have close relationship with my mental state and emotional. On the plateau have a fear, a lack of mental preparation, the reaction is more; On the contrary, cheerful reaction is less.

(5) The digestive system: the secretion of digestive gland into the plateau and gastrointestinal peristalsis is restrained, in addition to the pancreas increased slightly, the rest of the digestion of food, such as intestinal juice, bile secretion of saliva is plain, intestines and stomach function decreased significantly. So it is possible to cause loss of appetite, abdominal distention, diarrhea or constipation, epigastric pain and a series of digestive disorders. Living in plateau, after a period of time can be gradually restored.

In the highlands, if continued to feel unwell should to hospital treatment. The most important thing is not to back the psychological burden of fear on the plateau.

5, Notice after reach the plateau

(1) Just to the plateau, everyone will feel different levels of hypoxia symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, difficulty breathing. But that doesn’t mean you don’t adapt to the plateau, if can protect themselves correctly, 2 ~ 4 days later, usually can make the symptoms improve or disappear.

(2)If the plane on the plateau, general symptoms of altitude reaction can be in 12 to 14 hours. When you just get to the plateau must not do violent capacity, and to stay in bed at once. Otherwise, once feel reaction will need more time to adapt to.

(3) People often use oxygen to relieve chest discomfort. Oxygen, of course, can temporarily relieve symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, but to stop the symptoms will appear again after oxygen, delay the time to adapt to the plateau. If the symptoms don’t you is very serious, preferably not oxygen, it can make you faster to adapt to the plateau environment. Slight plateau reaction, will not be self-healing, don’t hold a candle to oxygen, so as to avoid formation of dependence.

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(4) After Tibet to eat more digestible food; Drinking a small amount of water for many times, make the body maintain sufficient moisture. Dinner should not be too full. It is best not to drink and smoke. Eating more fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in vitamins are the better ways.

(5) Pay attention to avoid burnout, dietary daily life regularly. Early to the plateau of a few days ago, don’t wash bath, so as not to catch cold catch cold cause a cold. A cold often is the principal cause of acute plateau pulmonary edema (in anoxic condition is not easy to heal.

(6) During the Tibetan tourism activities should not be too frequently, body load should not be overweight. Early to the plateau, brisk walking, more can’t run, can’t do physical labor. A week later, just can gradually increase the level of activity must be.

(7) Must pay attention to, if after entering plateau, reaction symptoms become more and more heavy, especially when resting, also obviously, should immediately oxygen, and to the hospital. Rare plateau pulmonary edema and plateau brain edema patients should be a large amount of oxygen, and at the same time of drug treatment, rapid transfer region with low height above sea level.

(8) Perennial insist on physical exercise and physical quality better, altitude sickness, and can heal quickly, but also do not try to be brave. So careless before entering to a new altitude, in particular, want to have a day or two evolutionary fitness exercise, in the absence of adaptation and preparation, don’t suddenly to move into the area of 5000 meters above sea level, in case of emergency. All in all, both men and women young and old, weak and strong body, stay healthy and optimistic state of mind is important, as long as you can follow the above points, will be away soon after the Tibet plateau response, thereby.

Bring a snack in the guest, please will recycle garbage into the bag. Everybody is responsible for protecting the environment! Thank you for your love for the environment…

6, Skin care

Scientific research agree that the main cause of skin damage and aging is the sun. Tibet is located in the plateau, the weather is dry, thin air and in dusty, ultraviolet ray is very strong, and usually very hard to travel. This environment is a big test to the skin. If you don’t want to sacrifice your own skin on the road, than you must be prepared, especially women. It is necessary to wear a hat, but don’t bring a hat too tight, so head get long blain blain easily. At the same time need to be aware of is all the lips. In Tibet, the lips are easy to crack. Be sure to prepare lip balm.

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In addition, keep the peace of mind is to keep your skin; Even if the condition is sometimes difficult, but still want to eat more fruit and vegetables. Keep your skin good another folk prescription is: be sure to wash your face before you go to sleep at night, the morning is best not to wash your face. More than 10 days for a long time outdoor activities, if you don’t have good health condition, don’t wash a face best, dusty generally have a protective effect to the skin, of course, with a little butter will work better. A little dirty not afraid, afraid of is wash it too easy to bask in desquamate.

7, Other health issues

(1) Be sure to keep warm, Tibet, day and night temperature difference is very big, and the temperature is low in the morning and at night. Each rise 1000 meters above sea level, decreased temperature 6 ℃, so be sure to keep warm, even in summer also must be prepared to coat or sweater, stay in the dark temple, after a long time also is very cold. In addition, keep the body dry is also very important.

(2) Strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays can damage your eyes, should be prepared to sun hat and sunglasses. Tibet environment has a lot of snow and ice, snow and ice reflect strong sunlight and water, on a sunny day the eyes directly exposed to the environment for several hours, can cause being the snow. Above the snow line and area activities, therefore, must take snow glasses, or at least can filter ultraviolet good sunglasses. Being the snow can cause temporary blindness, mild symptoms are: sensitive to light blink of an eye, eyes have sand, pain, red eyes, tears. Should snow/occur, eye drops to rinse eyes, to the dark place or to blindfold his eyes with a cold towel cold, reduce your eye, try to rest. A good rest and soothing environment can alleviate the symptoms of snow/in time, but a full recovery is usually 5 ~ 7 days.

(3) Each punters in Tibet, the dust is large, the health condition is not very good, so unfavorable use contact lenses. To wear, consider to use the disposable lenses, Lhasa have contacts to sell, the price and the mainland.

(4) Just in plateau due to climate is dry, cause some tourists nosebleeds and cracked lips. In the Gonggar airport often can see some visitors leave Lhasa with burning cheeks and nose. So you must bring the sunscreen, lotion and lip balm.

(5) Take some nasal topical ointment and lozenges, can alleviate dry nose and throat discomfort.

(6) You should take the trip with carefully heat, plateau sunshine is very terrible, especially in the summer to do long time outdoor activities. So plateau outdoor travel activities must be equipped with cool, people like Dan, etc., and a small amount of water for many times. Found someone heatstroke, should remove it as soon as possible to a cool ventilated place, raise head shoulder half lying down, took off his coat wet underwear of patients with water, keep the fan body makes the wind and cold towel patients of hypothermia. The patient awake, should give him water.


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