What is the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium ?

Atomium ball tower stood in the volatile northwestern city of Brussels Dominican city parks. It was built for the development of nuclear power and memory of Brussels world’s fair in 1958. The designer is a famous engineer, André Waterkeyn. The entire building is made up of nine huge silver balls. Eight balls according to each corner, constitute a cube, 1 ball is at the center cubes. The big steel pipe connected between the balls. Each sphere diameter is 18 meters, and the ball in 2 layers with each floor area of 240 square meters. The steel tubes connected around the cube, each tube is 26 meters long and three meters in diameter. Spheres and the steel tubes total weight are 2200 tons. Cubes in a diagonal line vertical to the ground, placed on the ground of a circular hall, the hall surrounded by three huge steels support under close below the surface of the sphere. The tower is 102 meters high. Reach the sphere at the top of the elevator from the ground, and to other spheres of scroll elevator or stairs, all set within the steel pipe.

The designers of the Atomium hopes to show tiny atoms through this huge building concept, which also shows the prospect of human peaceful of Atomic energy. It boasts nine Atomics alpha iron cube crystal structure as the foundation, the crystal structure of magnified 165 billion times. In other words, the Atomium ball tower is magnified 165 billion times of alpha iron cube crystal structure. It is a huge exhibition hall, each ball is a knowledge of science and technology exhibition hall, including solar energy, the peaceful use of Atomium energy, aerospace technology, astronomy, geography, and so on. In addition, there are about all kinds of chart data in the development of meteorological service in Belgium. Off the ball around 6 face huge organic glass Windows, window to set up many of the telescopes, available for 250 visitors viewing charming scenes in Brussels, at the same time.

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