What is called “International traveler” ? What are the conditions to be an international traveler ?

1, What is called the international travelers? Who is the international travelers andwho is not the international travelers.

In 1937 by the League of Nations statistical commission proposed is defined as: out of his own country to visit another country residence more than 24 hours. : (1)Define the following artificial tourists travel for entertainment, family and health reasons. (2) Attend international conferences and travel. (3) People to travel for business reasons. (4) In the way the sea cruise docked somewhere, even stay no more than 24 hours. Define the following people do not belong to the tourists: (1) whether or not signed the contract and to another country to be engaged in a professional person. (2) to live abroad. (3) the boarding students in school. (4) living in the border region and the people who work across the border to neighbor countries. (5) via a country but not for travelers, including those who travel more than 24 hours. Held in Rome in 1963, the UN travel and tourism meeting tourists is defined as “except for a rewarding career, for any reason to visit a country is not a permanent”. Held in 1991, the world tourism organization in Canada tourism statistics, international convention on the international tourists made the definition of reshaping: “tourists” refers to a person to his normally live outside the country to travel to another country time no more than one year, the main purpose is not to gain economic benefits from countries with access; “Tourists” refers to a tourist night at least, is no more than a year, the main purpose is not to gain economic benefits from countries with access; “The tourists” means a visitor stay for no more than 24 hours is not on a visit to the overnight, main purpose is not to get economic benefits from visit.

International traveler

2, The basic classification of international traveler

According to different needs, can be different classification for tourists. According to the regional characteristics of the division, tourists can be divided into tourists, including the international tourists (intercontinental travelers and tourists), domestic tourists; Short-haul tourists, including the international tourists and domestic tourists. Division in the tourism transportation way, tourists can be divided into hiker, horse riding, car, bicycle tourists and ships, aircraft, trains tourists. Way group tour, tourists can be divided into teams travel (package) and the individual. According to the age of tourists, tourists, tourists can be divided into children young tourists, middle-aged and elderly tourists. According to tourism motivation, tourists can be divided into because of physiology motivation, culture motivation and social motivation, status and reputation incentive travel tourists, etc.

3, Briefly describes the individual travel Tours main characteristics and the development of the individual should have the conditions.

The individual relative to the package tourists has the following obvious characteristics: Autonomy, namely the tourist routes, tourist products in the decision of purchase, in the travel schedule has greater autonomy. Flexibility, can change at any time, can temporarily increase or decrease in tourism programs and travel schedule. Diversity, namely the tourists more rich individual character, the travel motive is more complex and diverse, travel demand more colorful. Develop the individual tourism should meet the following conditions: (1) Developed transportation. (2) Perfect social service system. (3) Efficient information and communication services. (4) The safe and stable social environment.


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