Vital aspects to learn about the travel to South Korea

South Korea has great variety of aspects that is a lot more than buzzing urban expanse when compared to its vivacious capital. It also comprises of variety of treasures that belongs to ancient Silla kingdom. Here are some of the most important places that you need to travel to South Korea:

Seoul: it’s a modern city with vibrant types of aspects to consider. This is an urban expanse that can offer striving opportunities to reshape its steel edges and hardened concrete with some of the gorgeous parks in the city, tasteful design and cultural landmarks. You can find a lot of exciting places to eat, shop, drink and relax.

Gyeongju: it was once a city capital that comprises of ancient Silla kingdom. Gyeongju is recognized to be a coastal city that you can find South Korea with some of the rich selection of historical and cultural attractions. It is the Silla heritage that has the been stretched form about 1000 years ago, with some of the ancient ruins, relics and sites that can be found all over the city.

Seoraksan national park: This place is designated by the UNESCO for the protection of Biosphere as it spreads for more than 400,000 Sq. km that comprises of unique hot springs, rock formation, dense woodland and some impeccable temples. Each areas have their own specially maintained beautiful parks with unique attractions and appeals.

Jeju Island: it lies only for about 85 kms from the South Korean coast. Jeju Island has developed a traditional dress, unique history and linguistic traditions and architecture of its own. It has also been voted recently to add on the seven wonder of nature.

Trip to South Korea

Let’s learn about some of the best food items to travel to South Korea


  • Kimchi: Kimchi is normally comprises of fermented cabbage and some fine seasoned type of ingredients. There are certain type of food group who would love to eat Kimchi for lunch, dinner and breakfast. This dish would be accompanied by some fine type of sides with Kimchi dish. The Kimchi would be made using the ingredients that most of the Koreans would keep a second full fridge.
  • Galbi: Galbi is one among the best favorite with westerners. It comprises of fresh grilled beef on top of an open flame with wide range of dishes.
  • Bibimbap: this is a very healthy, delicious and cheap meal that would be normally served hot along with fine baked rice, fried egg and vegetables. The egg would be added on the top of the dish after complete preparation to make it look beautiful.
  • Bulgogi: this is one among the most popular type of mainstream dishes that is internationally seasoned beef along with a savory sauce with some find mixed vegetables would be a great choice to be had on any day.
  • Korean fried chicken: you can find countless types of fried chicken franchise and all these would offer wide range of options and flavors with unique styles in Korea. Chicken that you get in Korea would be offered with sweet cubed radishes and a lot of these restaurants would offer free delivery.

There are plenty of other types of dishes that you can find when you decide to travel to South Korea.

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