Transportation Tips In Dublin While You Travel To Ireland

If you are visiting Europe a trip to Ireland should be planned and if you decide to set your foot on the Irish capital Dublin, you would never regret for having made the decision to come to this place. Your travel to Ireland and its capital city of Dublin would be a memorable trip thanks to the inexpensive food, happening pubs and friendly locals.

Dublin is a city which offers one of the most comfortable public transport systems in whole of Europe. Although if you have the stamina to walk around, you may not need to avail much of the local transportation options as most of the tourist attractions of Dublin are concentrated in and around the city center and you could cover them by the most simple mode of transportation, walking. During your travel to Ireland or Dublin, you would discover that walking not only lets you see the place better, but also lets you understand the pulse of the city much better.

DART Dublin Travel to IRELAND

DART is the fastest option

DART or Dublin Area Rapid Transit is the most reliable and most easy mode of transportation to get around in Dublin during your travel to Ireland. These fast electric trains are connectors of the far ends of Dublin as they run from Malahide in North Dublin to the towns of Greystones and Bray in the coastal South Dublin. The DART operates on one line only hence there is nothing to get confused during the transfers between lines as there are no transfers as you avail DART. Depending on the distance travelled the fares of DART varies from €2.15 to €5.75 for adults.

Joy rides in Luas are not to be missed

Luas or the Dublin trams are light rail transit systems that offers convenient, swift and reliable mode of transportation in the city of Dublin. Taking the tram could prove very handy if you are out to visit the attractions of Dublin as they pass by some of the major attractions like the historic Kilmainham Gaol, the National Museum of Decorative Arts & History, the 3 Arena, Dundrum Town centre and many others. The Luas is operational in two lines, the red and the green line. Rides on the Luas are comparatively cheaper, with adult fares during peak hours ranging in between €1.8 to €3.0 and during off peak hours in between €1.39 to €2.39 only.

Buses Dublin Travel to Ireland

Buses are the cheapest

The buses of Dublin are a boon to all those who travel to Ireland and its capital. The most convenient, the cheapest and the most available mode of transport in Dublin are the bus. Double deckers, single deckers and mini buses are operational from 6AM in the morning and runs till 11:30PM in the night. There are nitelink buses to cater to the locals and tourists who want to taste the nightlife of Dublin. Nitelink buses are operational from midnight to 4AM. Fares of buses vary in between €0.75 to €3.3. Buses of Dublin do not take fares in notes. The automatic fare machine would only accept coins so better fill your wallet with good number of coins.

Taxis of Dublin are available in plenty but they are very pricey. The callout charge of a taxi is €4.5 and hailing one from the streets is a very difficult task. If you want the luxurious travel in a taxi you got get them from the ranks directly.

Leap Cards are the most convenient mode of payment for the different modes of transport. Whether it is a bus, or DART or Luas, paying not only becomes easy with a Leap Card but becomes economic as well. A minimum discount of 20% is applicable on all fairs if one is paying by means of a Leap Card.

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