Tourist information about Amsterdam, capital of Netherlands

Amsterdam, capital of Netherlands, located in the southwestern coast of the Zuiderzee, is the largest city and the second port of Netherlands. The population in this city is about 690,000 with the suburbs a total of 1.05 million people.

Here is a reedy marshes, originally as near the north sea, facilitate trade, local fishermen began to settle down in the 12th century, the 13 century form a small town. Then gradually reclaimed expansion, to the 14th century has become the important port of trade between east and west. This is a support with piles up “underwater city”, most parts in 4 meters below sea level, rely on coastal DAMS and pumping equipment to ensure the safety of the city. The whole city of millions of root and painted with black oil pile into a dozen meters deep, underground palace here alone stood 13,659 root of the supports.

Amsterdam, capital of Netherlands

Amsterdam city is a city with magnificent scenery, known as the “Northen Venice”. The city has more than 160 waterways with different sizes will be divided into numerous small islands, more than 1000 different style of Bridges across it, of which more than 300 can transit vehicles. Channel distribution rules, looks like a spider web, a layer of a layer of the city. A French geography scholars praise: “Amsterdam is the most special city of Netherlands, even special than transactional Rotterdam and the Hague office center. Amsterdam is the real Dutch city in the Netherlands.”

Amsterdam’s special things are not only the root of the supports, waterways and Bridges city, but also it has many special ancient windmill and the tulips are known around the world.


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