Things to do and visit on your travel to Indonesia

Indonesia is considered to be with wide and diverse with more than 17,000 islands. You would surely find almost everything in here to be as per your fancy ideas but there are some very important places that is must see on the travel to Indonesia. It can be for a shopping, culture, leisure, diving, and history or to enjoy the nature. You can find everything in here.

Here is the details on some of the top places never to miss on the tip to Indonesia

Jakarta: the capital city of Indonesia is one of the most recommended place to visit on the trip to Indonesia. It would not be a complete trip without visiting this mesmerizing place. Once attuned anyone get the enthusiasm to take on everything that the country has to offer. Jakarta also comprises of the one of the best international airport hub that service flights to entire Indonesia.

Yogyakarta: you can explore the narrow valleys and Main Street for the search of puppet makers and silversmiths, street arts, soaking into the culture and food vendors in Yogyakarta. It serves some of the cultural and historical java. It would also be a great springboard to find some of the best and magnificent temples of Prambanan and Borobudur.

Mount Bromo: you must not miss this majestic Mt Bromo that is located in the national park of Bromo tengger Semeru with more dormant and active volcanoes that you can find in Indonesia. You can choose various means of transport to reach this place such as renting a horse, jeep or catch to reach the top and make sure to not miss the sunrise.

Trip to Indonesia

Here are some very popular food that one must not miss on the travel to Indonesia

You can find great variety of food at Indonesia than the popular Nasi Goreng. Here are some of the best type of cuisines that you can find in Indonesia on your visit.

  • Nasi Goreng: it would literally means fried rice, it is without a doubt very popular Southeast Asian style that you can find at It is stir frying rice that cooked using the very own spices and mix of Indonesia.
  • Rendang: it would literally mean dry curry, and rending is very popular dish that you can find in Indonesia. It would comprise of dry beef stew in Indonesia and is considered to be originated from the west Sumatra Minangkabau. Hence the name Rendang was made to this very famous dish.
  • Sate ayam: this dish would comprise of chicken that is grilled and skewered with some flavorful peanut sauce. It’s also the national dish that you can find in Indonesia also a very strong contender to the very popular Nasi Goreng.
  • Soto Mie: this is also a very famous dish that people of Indonesia love to eat and it would comprise of either beef or chicken for soup. It would be served with sliced risoles, noodles and spring rolls and it would be as per the choice of the customer.

You can find out many more very popular food items that must not be missed on the travel to Indonesia.

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