The living culture in Sweden

Sweden implements nine years compulsory education free of charge. Famous colleges and universities have Stockholm university, Uppsala university, Lund university, Royal institute of technology, Stockholm school of business, etc. Swedish culture quality is higher, hospitable, honest, speak civilization, behavior with rules and punctual, and swedes attaches great importance to environmental protection, love flowers, birds and other wildlife, love of nature. Employees enjoy 5 weeks statutory paid vacation a year, work five days a week, work 1,500 hours accumulated throughout the year. People like to use leisure time to outdoor activities, to the forest and fields hiking, picking wild berries and mushrooms, swim in the sea lake, white water rafting, fishing. Sweden has become one of the largest numbers of people traveling in the world.


living culture in Sweden

Sports activities are Swedish hobby. According to the university of Gothenburg, Sweden on June 24, 2002,  a survey released by the Internet is more than the traditional newspaper in Sweden,and, become more popular media. A sampling survey shows the average per day and night to get to the Internet browsing time up to 23 minutes, the swedes used to read daily time is 21 minutes, only 8 minutes time for reading the evening newspaper, radio and television time up to 2 hours and 45 minutes respectively.
The survey shows that women prefer to listen to the radio and reading. Men are more inclined to watch the television news, watching the video and reading the evening newspaper. People with higher education are willing to get to the Internet, reading books and reading professional magazine; And low level of education of the people are willing to watch TV, listen to the radio and read the evening paper. Feelings of social harmony in Sweden .

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