The Introduction Of Swiss Customs, Belief And Taboo

Switzerland has the world park with beautiful scenery, developed economy, so what is the distinguishing feature of the customs of the Swiss customs? The following will introduce you to the Swiss customs:

In terms of diet, the Swiss are willing to eat dishes like mutton hotpot in China. But their domestic use is by the furnace, furnace mouth and heavily placed on small POTS, pot of olive oil to burn after boiling, the small piece of raw beef “rinse” in the pot, a moment out in a sauce pan. Rice, Switzerland and China practice, they are in accordance with the appropriate proportion in the rice with milk, water, raw egg yolks, sugar and salt, uniform beater, reoccupy simmer until there is no water, and then will play well into the egg white, stewing to present rice yellow skin as well. They like to eat potatoes, and they eat a great variety, potato chips, potato and so on. How to eat Chinese food with western food is given priority to, they love; Chinese food is also very interested in.

Swiss Customs, Belief And Taboo
The Swiss meeting with a client, generally shake hands ritually, a handshake is used to calm looking at each other. Between the Swiss man meet, there is also a hug ; Between women, often cheek with a kiss for the gift.

Generally speaking, the Swiss is conservative. They think it is impolite to show off wealth.

The Swiss think prior appointment is necessary and attaches great importance to comply with the time. But don’t put a date in July and August during the holiday.

The greatest appreciation said in a banquet is to get some you have tasted the food.

Gifts such as flowers or candy without a personal gift is very tasteful, but red rose with the meaning of love.

When talking with local people to have a proper topic, such as sports, you look and feel of the Swiss, tourism, and politics. To avoid the topic is about weight loss and dieting (especially in the meal time), a person’s age, occupation, family or personal life.

The Swiss meet the guests, regardless of nationality and ethnicity, they always want to nod to say hello; Also used to make each other between walking; If you accidentally touch each other, he may smile to say to you: “I’m sorry, I interfere with you, for mutual abundant active sorry is a good tradition of the Swiss people’s habits. They are very respected for women. In public places are in the habit of “lady first”. They talk to the guest, the habit quiet whispers. The elegant environment is very interested in. Their jovial, pay attention to affection. Whenever guests visit, they will dry cheese eggs in a pot and a pot of paste and liquor hospitality to the guests. They like red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, and red and white, shades and double color. They the number “11” doubly preference and worship. People see it as a lucky number. It is said that with the ancient Thoreau figure for becoming the Swiss federal states about 11. They are very particular about time, habits on time for appointments. They like in chat, talk about sports, tourism, politics and about topics such as Switzerland. They prefer onion, is willing to taste made of all kinds of cuisine, onion to be made all kinds of art appreciation or Onions.
Swiss Customs
Swiss people heart cherish tinder grass, use it to symbolize the supreme honor and as a national flower. People often use it as the most precious gift giving foreign guests, to express friendship, sincere and reverence.

Belief And Taboo:

The Swiss Catholic and protestant almost half. They taboo “13” and “Friday”. Think these are disgusting, and fear of Numbers and dates, because it will bring misfortune or evil.

Taboo owls, they believe it is a kind of curse. Give a person with spying, fraud, conspiracy and sinister.

They taboo people about their age, salary and family conditions. Think these personal affair, don’t have to ask others. he

In the flower is very exquisite. People are not used to accept a gift of three red roses, because 3 with romance. If for 1 or 20, was acceptable.

They don’t love talking about weight loss and dieting, especially when repast, talking about these more unappetizing and disappointing.

They want to see in public places (apartment, balcony, restaurant, etc) drying clothes. Think do indecent, will affect the environment beautiful.

Their dinner in the restaurant: They don’t want to hear the sound of tableware collide with each other and to chew food, and they don’t like to eat spicy dishes are overweight.

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