The history and facts of the Red Square, Russia, one of the famous squares in the world

Red square is the famous square of the center of Moscow, and adjacent Kremlin with the southwest. Red square was an important festival held place for the rally in the former Soviet union and the military parade originally. It was built in the fifteenth century, and named in the 17th century with flat rectangle and area of about 4 hectares. The west side of it is the Kremlin, the north to the national history museum, on the east side to department store building, south to the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, and over the Moscow river.

Red square international publicity is far greater than the Tiananmen square, but not as big, covering an area of 91,000 square meters, is only about 1/5 of the Tiananmen square. All paved stone on the ground is very unique, also ancient and sacred. Red square is the testimony of history in Moscow, but also the pride of people in Moscow.

Red square is formerly known as “Tolger”, meaning “Market”. It is the predecessor of the late 15th century Ivan III in the east of the city to develop “business area” of the city. The big fire broke out in 1517, and the square had been called “Burned square”. In 1662, renamed “Red Square”, meaning “Beautiful Square”, covers an area of 91,000 square meters, is the national various big celebration and parade at the center of the site, and also one of the famous squares in the world.

The history and facts of the Red Square, Russia, one of the famous squares in the world

In Russian, “Red” also means “Beautiful”, and “Red square” also means “Beautiful square”. Red square is large-scale expansion after 1812. At that time, Napoleon’s army set fire to the Moscow, Moscow people rebuild their homes, widen the red square. By the 20 ‘ s of this century, Red square and west Levski square were combined together, and form the size now. Square paved with red ochre, party rock, his. On both sides of the square of slope shape, the red square seems a little slight bulge. To Moscow river in south square, leaning on a slope, stands the Saint Basil’s Cathedral. This church is to commemorate the Russian tsar occupation Kazan principality and astrakhan, built in 1555 ~ 1561. It is known as the outstanding representative of ancient Russian architecture. The church is the combination of nine churches with ingenious, surrounded around eight smaller churches among larger churches, constitute a set of fine buildings group. Nine churches are dome towers, central 47 meters high tower, surrounded by eight height, shape, color, design, decoration of different onion type fornix. The church decorated with red brick and white stone accessories, fornix glistening gold, with bright red, yellow, and green. The church is permeated with the strong festival atmosphere.

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