The historical and famous landmarks of all countries in the world

Here are some historical and famous landmarks of all countries in the world below :

  • Russian: Orthodox church, Red Square, Moscow st Brasilia’s cathedral
  • The United States:  The statue of liberty, the White House
  • France: Arc DE triomphe, the Eiffel Tower
  • Australia: The Sydney opera house
  • English: Big Ben, the Thames bridge
  • Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur : Petronas twin towers
  • Italy: the Roman arena, the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Greece: the site
  • India: The Taj Mahal
  • Belgium: Pee boy
  • Singapore: the Merlion
  • Germany: the Brandenburg gate

World’s Fair is an organized by the host country government organization has a great influence on international exposition activities, have drawn the attention of the countries, it together with the Olympic Games, known as two premier event in the world today. When countries to host the world exposition, general landmarks to build, some of which has become a symbol of cities and even countries.
In 1851, the first world exposition opened in London, United Kingdom, the exposition of the pavilion is located in Hyde park, the new exhibition hall for the first time to combine, laminated glass and steel components used in the construction of buildings, become the precursor of modern glass curtain buildings. The entire building is supported by steel frame, roof, walls and other parts adopt large glass assembly, was vividly called “crystal palace”. After the exposition concluded, crystal palace had for art exhibitions, concerts, etc., but was destroyed by the big fire in 1936.

Eiffel Tower
In Paris, France is hosting the world exposition most populous city, also have the most classical architecture. Alexander iii bridge on the river Seine is the most beautiful, schaller palace, Paris, national industrial palace square, Odyssey palace, honorary hospital, mechanical palace, artificial art creation, courtyard, etc., are all important heritage of Paris world exposition. One of the most famous is the Eiffel Tower, it is to host the world exposition 1889 landmark building, 320 meters high and weighs 9000 tons, by more than 18000 steel components are assembled and millions of rivet. The Eiffel Tower is known as the father of the modern tower, has now become a symbol of Paris and France.

In 1893, the United States to host the world exposition of Chicago, Chicago engineer firth design made a for people to play in the giant wheel, there are more than 70 meters in diameter, satisfied the desire of the people around to the sky, then known as the “firth wheel”. Now the wheel is already very common amusement facilities, the parks and playgrounds are all over the world to see, and in more than one hundred years ago, but still a rare thing in the world.


Again in 1933, the city to host the world exposition, the exposition is the landmark building of baicheng, buildings as the classic form, all with plaster of Paris, spectacular, white at night under the wan lamp lit, more majestic tall, white jade. This world exposition, the pavilion is temporary building more, after closing down, developed for a lot of new building materials and construction, such as inflatable light buildings, plastic hanging tent, etc.

On the world exposition in 1958, Brussels, Belgium, the center building is a nuclear structure of the spherical pavilion, this is a magnified 16 billion times of iron atom model. Nine big ball is 20 steel frame orderly connected into a whole, it symbolizes the human security, peaceful nuclear applications. “Atomic ball” building outside the body for aluminum, 124 meters high, each ball diameter of 18 m. The fabric of the support of a root ball, are equipped with escalators tubular channels. Nine enormous sphere, there have been three all kept permanent exhibition hall of science, the rest of the also in commercial use. One of the highest, a revolving restaurant become a luxury.

Orthodox church

In Seattle, USA in 1962, held the theme of “space age” of human world exposition, is the landmark building a tower shape choiceness exquisite, known as the “space needle”, its appearance looks like a flying saucer in the long steel feet above carefully, 185 meters high, inside a flying saucer is a revolving restaurant on the top, on the top of the tower can view overlooking the city, now it has become a symbol of Seattle, all visitors to an endless stream.

The landmark building of the exposition 1970, Osaka, Japan as the “tianyu pavilion”, DaWuDing layer upon layer overlay, magnificent towering, stand tall, fully shows the magnificent style of Oriental palace buildings.

In 1999, China held the world horticultural exposition in Kunming, there are 26 69 countries and international organizations to participate in the exhibition, after the Kunming world exposition, although there is no sign of special building, but covers an area of 218 hectares of Kunming exposition garden the area be preserved, became the only whole world horticultural exposition of the preservation of large gardens

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