Some useful transportation information to help for a better travel to Madrid ,Spain for first time

Royal palace of Madrid:

If you are planning to visit the royal palace of Madrid then you can find plenty of means of transportation networks.

If you don’t want to do many transfers then you need to take the line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios after landing on the airport and then you can change from there to line 10 and get down at the station of Plaza de Espana.

You can also choose opera station as its just 2 minutes’ walk from there to the royal palace of Madrid, while it would be 5 minutes’ walk from the station of Plaza De Espana. Going through Plaza de Espana you would save a lot of time with corridors, escalators and transfers.

Cost: for a single ticket cost would be around 1.50 euros to about 2 euros and you can get ticket form around 5 stations. For around ten trip the ticket costs would be around 12.20 to about 18.30 Euros.

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Buen Retiro Park:

If you are planning to visit Buen Retiro Park on your travel to Spain then you can find many means to travel. Here are some tips to consider.

Subway: you can choose line two on the subway to reach the Retiro station. You can board the subway from line 2, Cuatro Caminos or the Las Rosas.

Cost: tickets would cost around 1 euro

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Temple of Debod:

It is an ancient Egyptian temple that was built again in Madrid. It comprise of authentic Egyptian style of architecture that was built during 2nd century BC. If you are planning to visit temple of debod on your travel to Spain then you can find plenty of means to choose from. There is no entry fee to reach temple of debod hence anyone can visit here. It’s a very peaceful place and the beauty of this temple is enthralling. Choose some of the top aspects of this temple on your visit and enjoy your time in there.

Subway would be the most preferred means as it’s cheap and convenient as well.

  • You can board line 3 from Ventura Rodriguez station or the Plaza de Espana station
  • You can also board line 10 from plaza de Espana station to reach the temple of debod.

Cost: it would be around 1 euro only to reach the temple of debod.



There is also provision of unlimited travel pass and the price depends on the number of days you plan to travel.

  • 1 day it would be 8 euros,
  • 2 days it would be 13.40 euros
  • 3 days it would be 17.40 euros
  • 5 days it would be 25.50 euros
  • 7 days it would be 33.40 euros

The ticket fare would be free for all those who are under the age of 4. Children above the age of 11 would get about 50% discount on the ticket price. You can buy tickets form New stands, metro stations and Estancos. You can choose the type of pass that you need to have a great travel to Spain and enjoy the time with your beloved ones.

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