Some people say that Vietnam’s diet is not very clean, can have loose bowels! Is it true? Can take With 3 years old children to travel?

Questions about Vietnam food do not clean: I eat there for several years and had nothing ill..
Some people say that Vietnam food do not clean, I think it is involves the problem of their eating habits.
Sincere said, the Vietnamese eating habits is not so good, roadside stands, dishes, chopsticks are washing brush a brush back, again not disinfected, but they are not, before when I was studying in Vietnam, a DaGuoShui school canteen, there is only one share of the cup, we Chinese students watching Vietnamese each take one cup of water in the past, after the meal drink very calm back again, really shocked to a washed-up.. Roadside stall of sticky rice, bread, Vietnamese receive money in hand,, too, will be directly with the hand to help you to add some pork, eggs into the food.. Good fruit juice, Vietnam is fresh, cheap, iced coffee is also good, but the source of the ice... You know... Many Vietnamese will break the ice on the ground directly... So if very pay attention to health problems, suggested that don't eat the roadside stall.. Suggest a hepatitis b vaccine or something.
Instead they ingredients very natural very clean, formal dining room rest assured to eat casually, Vietnam, after all, still have a lot of Europe and the United States of foreigners, somebody else nice restaurants pretend bility still higher than our so a DiuDiuDe.. Vietnam ingredients without pesticides, less pollution, not all kinds of additives, so I at home do not eat raw vegetables and seafood, in Vietnam
eat oysters raw, what all raw, vegetables eat not blink, you can rest assured!

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