Some Information On The Finest Lisbon Hotels

You just got late in planning an economic tour to Lisbon. You could have saved a lot during your trip to Lisbon as accommodations used to be very cheap out there. In fact the Lisbon hotels used to be so cheap that they were one of the reasons people would go to Lisbon. However, with the demon of price hike that has its stamp everywhere and with the introduction of the international chain of hotels in Lisbon, the hotels no longer continue to remain cheap. However, there are still some hotels who would offer good rooms at fairly reasonable prices if you can compromise on the location of the hotel.

Select your stay depending on your areas of interest

Depending on what kind of tour you want you will have to book your stay in the Lisbon hotels. If you want to stay in the city and be close to the various historical attractions of the place, Chiado or Baixa are the areas where you will have to book your hotel. If you want to have a serene atmosphere and tranquility during your travel to Lisbon, you may want to get your stay booked in the suburban areas of Cascais or Estoril.

Thanks to the international chains, Lisbon hotels have developed a standard for themselves and there are some state of the art hotel facilities in and around Lisbon. The top 5 hotels in Lisbon which are being adjudicated basis guest reviews, online surveys and other testimonials are Intercontinental Lisbon, Holiday Inn Lisbon, Britania Hotel, Corinthia Hotel and Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa.

Britania Hotel Lisbon Travel Tips Guides

The top hotels at excellent location

Located very conveniently at the heart of Lisbon, the Intercontinental Lisbon is certainly one of the top Lisbon hotels, thanks to its location and its contemporary design. The hotel is in between the triangle of Eduardo VII Park, Avenida da Liberdade or the Liberty Avenue and the Marques De Pombal Square. Another advantage of staying in this hotel during your travel is the breathtaking view of the Tagus River that one can get from any of the 331 rooms of the hotel.

Another comfortable stay in Lisbon is the Holiday Inn Lisbon which is also located in Central Lisbon. All the major attractions of the city that you would want to visit during your travel are in close proximity to this hotel. The hotel is just 500 meters away from the Alameda Metro station hence getting around in the city is a fairly easy task if you stay in this hotel.

Right on the Avenida da Liberdade and just a few steps away from the Marques De Pombal Square, The Britania Hotel is one of the oldest Lisbon hotels that specialize in bringing back the flavors of 1940s. With only 33 well appointed rooms, the staffs have ample time and desire to fulfill every ask of the residents who travel to Lisbon.

Holiday Inn Lisbon Travel Tips Guides

Meet the landmark hotels of Lisbon

With 518 guestrooms, the Corinthia Hotel is a landmark amongst the hotels of Lisbon. If you have not spent at least one evening in the terrace gardens of Corinthia hotel, you would not even know what you missed. There is a fully equipped gymnasium at the disposal of the guests who will have a personal trainer attending them during the gym sessions. This is one of the few hotels in Lisbon that has pet services as well.

One of the tallest hotels in Lisbon is the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa. View of the city of Lisbon from the rooms of this luxury hotel is simply unparalleled to any other hotel in the city. The location of this hotel is also very convenient.

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