Solo Travel For Women Is Not As Unsafe As It Is Thought To Be

When a woman decides to travel the world she is required to deal certain concerns and situations that a man traveler would never think about. Especially if it is a solo travel for women, then the degree of the worries would increase manifold. Owing to the various news that keeps on being flashed about cases of assaults and robberies with female solo travelers, every woman is compelled to think at least for once that it is a dangerous world outside and she better not travel alone.

Many people think that a woman should know self defense art before setting sails for a tour of the world. No matter what the world thinks, the reality is that if the woman is smart enough, if she can adapt herself to various situations, and most importantly if she has the confidence of traveling alone, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about then. Knowledge of self defense could be an added benefit but that can never be a show stopper.

Solo Travel For Women Is Not As Unsafe As It Is Thought To Be

Qualities required for traveling the world alone

There are certain qualities that are required to be in a woman who plans to travel the world all alone. First and foremost, she should be able to overcome the fear about anything. Being fearless helps overcome the most difficult situations as times. She has to be confident enough to travel across the boundaries, and smart enough to meet new people and learn new cultures.

She should be good at financial planning so that she travel within budget and last but not the least she should not be panicky about anything while traveling the world alone. Whether it’s a missed flight or a knock on the door at odd hours, she should be able to handle it tactfully without panicking.

Things to be cautious about

While traveling solo, a woman must be doing certain things without fail so that she always in control of the situation. Things like avoiding contact with suspicious or shady looking people, or avoiding hard drinks or drugs if being offered by somebody are the things to do without fail.

traveling the world alone As a woman

Apart from these, she should also refrain from displaying her belongings or wealth out in the public. Giving out large bills at a restaurant or wearing a lot of expensive stuffs will actually send a signal to people that she can be targeted very easily. Maintaining a simple and low profile while they travel the world will ensure that solo travel for women is a safe one.

Benefits of solo travel in a woman’s life

There is a different school of thought that believes that solo travel for women is a nice thing as the girl would get enough experience about how to deal with life and its challenges. If you travel in a group, your judgmental skills are not always being tested, but when you travel solo it is the same skills on which you have to rely always. Traveling alone makes a woman more pragmatic and she will look at the various challenges of life from a more realistic angle.

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