More about top things to do on your travel to Russia

There are plenty of places to visit when you plan for a travel to Russia. Here are some of the top places to visit on your trip:

  • Red square: this can be located immediately outside the northeastern wall of Kremlins. This is a 400x 150m area comprised of cobblestones that can be found at the heart of Moscow.
  • Sanduny baths: Sanduny is recognized to be most luxurious and also happens to be the oldest banya that you can find in Russia. The Gothic room comprise of rich wood carvings and is truly a work of art. The main shower room comprises of aristocratic roman essence in it.
  • Classic trans-Siberian: you can travel to one of the world famous Trans-Siberian train. You can start from St Petersburg to Beijing on the way you can find Mongolia as well.
  • The golden ring of Russia: if you want to experience the culture of Russia then make sure to visit this place. It comprises of treasures of history and rich culture of Russia and the architecture of this place is truly an 8 day journey even to this very day. You can find great picturesque towns in this area.
  • Marinksy theatre: if you want to experience opera and ballet of Russia then you need to visit this spectacular venue in Petersburg.

Trip to Russia

Let’s learn some of the best food items you can have when you travel to Russia

Since the temperature of Russia can sometimes drop to as low as –30 degree Celsius during the winter season, no wonder most of the food that you can find in Russia would be hearty with pastry, potatoes, sour cream and bread as some common ingredients. Yet you can find some delicately smoked fishes as well such as black and red caviar, thin papery crepes that are some of the equal contenders of cuisines to be found in Russia. You might think that some of the Russian delicacies are influenced by French essences a lot but you can still find that Russian dishes stand with their own versions of food with merit and creation style. You can find some of the classic Russian dishes all over Russia and you can find street stall or any fast food services that offer good taste as well. You can find great amount of variations when it comes to street stalls.

Here are some top cuisines you need to try in Russia

Borsch or also spelled Borscht: this is a red soup that comprise of cabbage and beef. It’s a delightful belly warmer during the winter seasons. You can also have the same with meat, herbs, potato and many more as such. Russian sour cream called Smetana would be a great aspect to be had with piece of garlic bread or rye bread with some melted cheese toppings.

Russian pancakes: Blini is the Russian version of pancakes that is stapie and a thin French crepe on most of the menus of Russia. This would be typically made up of savory fillings or sweet toppings on white floor. They are very delicious to watch and taste as well. And it’s a must to have food in Russia.

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