Living The Memory Of New York World Trade Center BY Visiting The Site That Was Being Re-erected

The best way to conquer over evil is to wipe off the memories of the evil and look forward towards a new and bright future. This is the exact thing that is being done to wipe off the horrific memories of the September 11 attacks on the New York World Trade Center. In the memory of New York World Trade Center, new buildings are being erected on the World Trade Center site, which is also being referred to as Ground Zero. These building towers include the World Trade Center memorial building as well which is better known as the National 9/11 memorial and Museum.

The building in the complex site

There are seven office towers in the WTC site which are being constructed in the memory of New York World Trade Center which had total seven building including the identical twin towers commonly called as the north tower and the South Tower. The 52 storied 7 World Trade centre, was the first building whose construction begun in 2002 and got over in 2006.

the memory of New York World Trade Center

It was in 2006 that the 1 World Trade Centre building’s construction was kicked off to make it the tallest building in the western hemisphere and the sixth tallest tower in the whole world. It resembles the North Tower of the erstwhile World Trade Center that got demolished in the terrorist attacks on 11th September in 2001. Barring the 4 World Trade Centre, other office tower buildings in the complex are yet under construction

The memorial and the museum

The World Trade Center memorial building or the National 9/11 memorial and museum occupy around 8 acres of the total area of 16 acres of the WTC complex site. The memorial and museum serves as a tribute to the past as well as a place of hope for the future. The hour long conducted tours inside the museum lets visitors examine the authentic artifacts related to the 9/11 attacks as well as educates them about how people responded to the crisis. The tour also tells about the history of the World trade centre and the tales about the rebuilding of the whole complex right from the scratch.

the memory of New York World Trade Center Night

The tour of the World Trade Center memorial building is 45 minutes long that enchants the visitors with the heroic tales of the 9/11 attack survivors. These tours are conducted in English language and are being conducted throughout the day. In case someone could not manage it in the first half of the day can attend one such conducted tour during any time of the day.

Take the lesson of life from the Survivor Tree

The survivor tree is a must watch for all those who visit the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum. This is actually a pear tree that’s endured the dreadful attacks of 9/11. Being looked upon as a symbol of resilience, survival and rebirth, this tree found in the rubbles of the World Trade Center after it crashed with snapped roots and broken and burnt branches. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation rehabilitated the tree and sent it back to its home in 2010. Looking at the Survivor Tree today helps in wiping off the memory of New York World Trade Center attacks and looks forward towards the future with the hope and strength to battle and win over the evil.

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