Knowing the study abroad environment of Netherlands, make Netherlands the best places to study abroad

For centuries, the Netherlands is not only in business open to the world, but also trade in social affairs and culture education are completely open to the world. So, the Dutch have naturally become the various countries students ideal place to study abroad. No matter where you come from, in the security, open country can feel the Dutchman has always been the means of hospitality, whether with people or to work together, is the same enthusiasm and sincerity.

The Netherlands ” Fill the ocean to make field” is well known in the world. Official Dutch successful experience in this field, given the firm faith, the nation relying on this has belief, and the Netherlands will reduce the unemployment rate low in Europe.

The Netherlands has a set of mature and improve the level of tax and social welfare fund subsidy system. This is the perfect sound level tax (personal income, the more the more pay taxes), making the Netherlands in 1998 per capita income of nearly $25000. As the result, brought three benefits:

(1)First of all, if the Dutch want to maintain sustained economic prosperity, we must constantly improve the quality of life, to improve product performance, to provide quality social services.

(2)Second, countries must be intelligence to cultivate high-quality talents.

(3)Third, it is necessary from the perspective of the global strategy to treat all aspects of the things in the world, and can’t do anything else with narrow localism.

study abroad environment of Netherlands

The advantage of study abroad in the Netherlands

Dutch homeland is small, power is very strong, is known as the economic giant, is Europe’s economic situation is one of the best country, per capita income in recent years ranks top in the world. The Netherlands pleasant climate, the environment elegant, is a country with a garden. The Dutch social stability and people’s livelihood, various aspects condition make Netherlands the best places to study abroad.

  1. The English environment

The Netherlands is the earliest start on the European continent in English teaching of non-English countries, has opened more than 600 professional courses taught in English, used to use English to Chinese students professional have greater choice. In addition to English is the official language of countries, the Netherlands is one of the highest penetration rate in English, about 95% of the Dutch people can speak English.

  1. High teaching quality

– the government of the Netherlands, are of the utmost importance to the education in the field of education around 20%, the total input of national budget for the Netherlands to keep the world’s leading education provides a strong economic base;

– the government of the Netherlands in the form of legislation to guarantee the teaching quality, set up an independent committee of experts of various universities and their courses on a regular basis to evaluate, can not meet the standard of curriculum or school cannot obtain the government subsidies, or even cancelled teaching qualification;

– the Dutch higher education university degree certificate issued by the recognized by the international.

  1. The course design is unique

– course is novel, always keep sync with the latest trend of social development;

– multiple teaching methods, to train the students’ ability to solve practical problems as the goal is always;

– learning a chance to learn many foreign language;

– learn the chance to join the rest of Europe’s sister school intercollegiate exchange course;

– during the internship opportunity to learn more.

study abroad Netherlands

  1. High degree of internationalization

Outstanding teachers from all over the world and vibrant students create a highly international learning and living environment. Some schools also regularly invited rich practical experience of transnational enterprise management personnel to the school. Some even joined to other countries in the course of inspection arrangement and intercollegiate exchange programs.

  1. Low cost of learning

The tuition of course of – an equal level of international generally lower than the rest of Europe and North America and other countries;

– although the standard of living high in the Netherlands, but due to its very developed farming and animal husbandry, lower cost of living is belongs to Europe.

  1. Good job prospects

The Netherlands in recent years, the economic situation has been one of Europe’s best national unemployment rate is the lowest in Europe. The Dutch have a large number of industry abroad, mostly to hire local employees management, to high-quality foreign graduates with higher education in the Netherlands provides more chances of employment.

  1. Provide scholarships

Qualified foreign students have the opportunity to have a scholarship, and tuition waiver. Specific information about scholarships, applicants must consult to the schools.

  1. Allow students amateur work

The Dutch government regulations, students from outside the European Union countries can legally work 10 hours a week, holiday can work all day.

  1. Visa period is short, must sign the rate is high

We provide quick special visas for qualified applicants, visa period is short, must sign the rate is high. For many years to deal with

Student visa must sign the rate has been 100%, no one is rejected.


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