Introduction of Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, established in 1878 , and located in the foothills of Kyrgyzstan mountain, is the ancient town and central city. A population of 797,700 (in January 2003). The Chu river valley is part of the Tianshan road, is connected to the central Asian steppe and the desert of northwest China. Also the most precipitous mountain in ancient road, Chinese Tang Xuan Zang west scriptures is the way, is called the ancient “silk road”.

Bishkek is one of the central city today. Urban streets are broad, beautiful and the Ala-Archa river follow through the city. Here we can overlook majestic beautiful against the blue sky, the snow of the Tianshan Mountains, and also can see hidden in trees among different style villa building. There is no noise, metropolis appear quiet and tastefully laid out and halcyon. Bishkek traffic in the street, on lamp automatic command without seeing traffic polices. The bus shelters are aesthetically pleasing, along the street and city statues , and can be seen everywhere with pleasing.

Bishkek is industrial city with machinery manufacturing, metal processing, food and light industry and other industries. In addition, the science and education career of Bishkek is developed. Inside the city, there are academy of sciences, all kinds of colleges and universities.


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