Important things to do on the travel to Singapore

If you are in Singapore and planning to visit the top best attractions then it would be a very difficult task to choose top best attractions. There are plenty of pretty interesting things to watch and do on your travel to Singapore.

Here are some of the top places that one must not miss on the travel to Singapore.

Marina bay: this is a very famous place that everyone who visits Singapore must see as there is too many spectacular aspects to see in here. There is great development in this area and the cosmopolitan city state has been growing very rapidly ever since it started its development. You can find everything that you need for entertainment, pleasure and even for some fun time like casino, science museum or any shopping spree you are planning for.

Clarke Quay: it’s a riverside delight that you can find in Singapore. It comprises of full busting restaurants and bars, pumping nightclubs, boutique shops thus attracting ample amount of tourists along with all party animals who are visiting Singapore. It also boasts a picturesque beauty to all the visitors as well.

Chinatown: this is another mesmerizing symbol of Singapore. You can carry out some of the best level of shopping in here and found the products and souvenir for the cheapest price in the Singapore. You can find various types of attractions that are important and trying to find some of the authentic Chinese cuisines.

Singapore flyer: it’s one of the largest observation wheel that you can find in the whole world. It is about 165 meters in height and would travel at a speed of 0.21mps. It’s one among the unique type of experience you can get from using this one of a kind wheel.

Trip to Singapore

Let us know more about the food you can try on the trip to Singapore

  • Hokkien Mee: it is not just a dish that you can find anywhere. Those who have tasted this would love it. Since it’s not the dish you can find anywhere expect for Singapore. You can also find a lot of hawker foods in Singapore. You can find some variations such as Laksa and chicken Rice that you can find in both Thailand and Malaysia.
  • Char Kway Teow: there are two major type of dialect groups that you can find in Singapore and these two majors would be of Chinese as well. You can check for Kway Teow which is Flat rice noodles and Teochew dish of char that is fried dish. And this is also considered to be a stable food in there.
  • Chicken rice: this dish is considered to be of Hainanese origin and is probably the very popular dish in Singapore. You can also find this dish in Malaysia and Thailand as well. One would dispute that Singapore would have the most type of chicken rice stall in the world.

You can find out some of the best type of food in Singapore. You just have to ensure that to check out and find the best place to have food when you travel to Singapore.

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