Get Around The World Flights When You Plan To Some Top Travel Destinations In The World

Is your heart longing to see the Eiffel tower in Paris, Pyramids of Egypt, Taj Mahal in India, Big Ben in London and other top travel destinations in the world? Want to experience the buzzing American spirit at Times Square of New York? Want to walk down the pages of history by visiting the Coliseum in Rome or by going to the land of Machu Pichu in Peru? You can actually see all these attractions at one go as you plan to travel the world for a considerable amount of time and take around the world flights to reach all these most visited destinations.

When and why to opt for these flights?

If your travel map does not have any uncommon top travel destinations in the world, you can plan your travel by air by taking one of the around the world flights that will save around 30% of your total expenses on flight tickets. Traveling to uncommon destinations in the world may not be possible with the round the world flights as usually they connect popular destinations only. Traveling from New York to Sydney via Rome, Dubai, New Delhi and Bangkok would be possible, but traveling from New York to Sydney via uncommon places (like Guatemala, Corsica, Bahamas etc.) may not be an option.

Top Travel Destinations In The World

The major benefit of booking a seat on the round the world flights is that you do not have to worry about the availability of seats for a particular journey or the seasonal fluctuations of the air fares which could vary to large extents during peak seasons. Apart from this, another benefit of traveling through around the world flights is that you get to save a lot of time by flying and not taking more time consuming modes of travel like trains, ships or buses.

Tips for buying tickets

You can board the round the world flights by booking the ticket from various airline alliances well in advance. You should be careful in choosing the alliance as if the alliance does not operate in a country where you have plans to go, you would end up paying extra and the whole benefits of booking round the world ticket would go down the drains.

Get some Travel Destinations In The World

Price of tickets for RTW flights vary from $1500 to $10,000 depending on the destinations covered, the route taken, the miles traveled, and the number of stopovers. A three stop travel would typically cost something around $1500 to $1800 whereas the top priced tickets will allow a stopover count of as high as 20. It is a wise thing to travel within a country by other modes of destination and utilize the stopover count for traveling across the boundaries only.

Things to remember

While you travel the world by means of around the world flights you have to ensure that your travel is unidirectional that is you are either heading east or heading west. Going backwards is not allowed by the airlines that offer around the world flights. These flights usually allow multiple stopovers that range from 3 to 20 depending on the airlines alliance.

Also, the departing country and the final arriving country have to be the same while you book tickets for around the world flights; you need to land at the same city from where you took off though. You will have to complete your journey within one year of departure else you would not be issued a ticket on the round the world flights for you to travel the world.

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