Find out some ideal information about travel to USA

Here are some top destinations to visit on your travel to USA:

Grand Canyon:

You can reach Grand Canyon via railways system that operates on train ride to Grand Canyon village from town of Williams. The travel time would be around 2.5 hours for one way travel. The terminus that you can find at Grand Canyon village would be surrounded with wide range of accommodations. You can get on train travelling between Los Angeles and Chicago and get down at Williams’s junction that would connect to railway of Grand Canyon.

To travel by bus, you need to get some guided tour buses offered by private bus companies as there is no commercial bus lines that is present to Grand Canyon. However, you can find a small type of shuttle service that can carry passengers with their luggage if you are present at Flagstaff Amtrak station. You need to buy tickets for this travel from Amtrak only.

You can also find some planes travelling to Grand Canyon from some of the top metropolitan cities of the USA.

Cost: There are different price offered by each guided tour bus company. Average price would be around $75 to $80.

The price that is charged by Amtrak coach would be from $995 to $1210.

Walt Disney world USA Travel Yellow stone national park USA Travel

Walt Disney world:

There are plenty of means to visit Walt Disney world present in Orlando, USA. You can get on Silver Star 91 from Orlando Amtrak that would travel to Miami Amtrak.

LYNX bus services is considered to be an ideal means to reach Walt Disney world. You can board LYNX bus 50 to reach the Disney world easily using public transportation means.

You can find plenty of buses that is provided by Walt Disney in order to travel within Disney world. You can commute from one Disney Park to another via this means.


The LYNX transportation would charge around $1 for children and $2 for adult. Children within the age of 6 would be free. The travel time would be around 90 minutes.

Yellow stone national park:

If you are planning to reach this beautiful national park by Bus then you can find bus services from Bozeman, MT to reach the west of Yellowstone, MT through the 191 highway. This bus is directly from Idaho and would be limited to only during the months of summer. Commercial transportation would be available during summer and winter seasons.

To reach here by train, there is no such option available. If you still want to reach here then you need to reach the train depots to the southeast part of Idaho, Utah and the Northern part of Montana. You can contact Amtrak services for various schedules to choose from.

There are plenty of plans services to choose from. You can reach Yellowstone MT airport during the early June from September via Salt Lake City, UT.

Cost: to travel via bus, it would range from $68 to $185, depending upon the type of service.

Important Note: During the season of winter, the southern gate of Yellowstone would be closed. For those who are planning to travel from December to Mid of May, it’s best to choose transportation means between Amtrak and Spokane, Washington.

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