Experience The Atlanta Airport Transportation Of Hartsfield Jackson Airport

As you travel to Atlanta in the state of Georgia, be ready for an amazing experience as you come out of the flight and set your foot at the Atlanta Airport that has a terminal that can absorb 45 football grounds in it. Named after the politician duo William B Hartsfield and Maynard Jackson, the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest passenger airport in the world since 1998. To add another feather in the cap of this buzzing airport, in the year 2005 it was recognized as the busiest Operations Airport as well, a title that has been retained ever since then.

Thanks to the geographic location of the city of Atlanta, people who take a flight from this Airport have a maximum flying time of two hours to travel to around 80% cities of America. The arrangements are so smooth here at this Airport that irrespective of the fact that more than 250,000 passengers travel to or out of Atlanta through this airport by flights, there are no chaos or no confusion that happens.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Atlanta airport transportation options are widely available

The best Atlanta airport transportation option is by taking the MARTA trains which can be availed right from the station in the Airport only. Traveling by this rapid transit system of the city of Atlanta is the cheapest option to reach the Airport from downtown Atlanta or vice versa. Shuttle bus services are also available from the airport to metropolitan Atlanta and suburban areas. These bus services are available at a gap of very fifteen minutes for metropolitan area and 30 minutes for all other routes. Taxis are also available to reach the Airport or go to the city from the Airport.

Some quick facts about the Airport

The five runways of the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport cater to the 2500 flights that arrive daily here at the airport. There is one Category I runway and two Category II and Category III runways in this airport. The airport has 207 gates within seven concourses out of which 167 cater to the people doing domestic travel and 40 fates cater to passengers who take international flights. The people mover facility at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport connects all the seven concourses through its underground four car trains that are available in every couple of minutes.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Enjoy the amenities which are to make your travel comfortable

The Atlanta Airport has all the modern amenities to make the experience as comfortable as possible. There are 52 water bottle refill stations, a couple of Piano bars, and a pet relief area in the Airport. Barring concourse D, each concourse has a smoking area so people who cannot live with taking a fag at short intervals would find this place rather friendly. Free charging stations for mobiles and laptops and free Wi-Fi throughout the Airport are available for people who run out of charge while waiting for their flights to take off.

With more than 100 dining options spread across the different concourses you will never feel hungry or thirsty during your travel even if your flight is delayed by hours. Most of the restaurants and the food joints are open till 11 PM only hence you may want to have your food early in case you have to wait at the airport during late hours for a catching a morning flight.

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