Cruise the Seine river in Paris, France

The Seine river originated in Langres plateau (elevation 471 meters, 776 km, flows through the Paris basin is France’s most fertile agricultural regions. The Seine is from southeast to northwest of the basin. The basin in the central plain area is in slow flow velocity and form a living, through the center of Paris. Paris developed gradually on both sides of the Seine. Now Paris along the Seine river is more than ten kilometers stone pier and broad levees, more than 30 elegant Bridges across the river, high-rise buildings arranged on both sides, the reflection in the water, the scenery is very beautiful spectacular.
The Seine river has bridges on it, and it is said that a total of 36 bridges with each different model characteristics, and one of the most spectacular is the Pont Alexandre III bridge. Erected at the entrance to the right and left sides of the bridge, each with two huge bridge tower, each the top of the tower is carried with a painted golden bronze horse statue with majestically. Below the bridge, it is the little tunnel of the arch, and also on the joint of the bridge deck and little tunnel carving pillars of very fine decoration, each pillar were carved on the golden pattern. In the center of the little tunnel arch, the decorated with a large golden vulture act, and carve around the green wreath, the garland is dotted with red and yellow flowers. Nearly far looking at, Alexander bridge both showed a palatial masculinity, this is seen in the past all sorts of Bridges are not have.

Cruise the Seine river in Paris
When you cruise on the Seine river, you can see both sides of the Seine are planted with lush trees. The back of the forest is the majestic buildings. The shore of the river are the size of the palace, university area, the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame DE Paris, and so on, are all with architectural form, which has a brilliant run showed glimpses of what they have in common is colorful style. A bend in the boat, like a peninsula of terrain, also stood a carried the torch of the statue of liberty, modelling and the United States is the same as that in New York, while New York it is the gift to the American people from the French, but obviously the Paris that much smaller than New York.
Somewhere in the river has the lock, is a heavy iron door, opening and closing still use manual operation. However, in the river, not far from the so old equipment, with luxury yacht lay at anchor is transformed into the type of restaurant. Very modern restaurant equipment, play with trendy music, wearing a red and white livery is busy.

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