Crops grown in Uganda, one of the largest banana producing country in the world

Uganda’s banana is mainly divided into two major categories, one category is to eat as fruit, another is to eat as food. The banana ate as fruit planting area is lesser, tree height up to five or six meters, leaves large like seats, fruits like long horns. The banana eaten as food commonly known as rice banana, the locals called “Matoki”. Rice banana tree is only two or three meters high, the leaves as elephant ears, fruit thin like fingers. Rice banana plant production is very high. Two seasons a year, the annual output of up to 3 ~ 5 tons per acre. Don’t have an exact Uganda, how much the annual output of official statistics. However, the country’s 13 million population, about two-thirds is stapled food with rice yields, is a government official.
According to the custom in Uganda, the host always gives a cup of delicious banana juice, or with fat banana with several orange yellow banana angle to their customers. This is probably quite a western-style aperitif or fruit cocktail. Then, he will send the baked rice banana and then the main course. Dinner is genuine flavor of Uganda, made of “Matoki” banana bread. This meal, ordinary families eat every day, the size of the restaurant at the age of supply, formal dinner is always indispensable.
During the dinner conversation, Uganda people love to let guests enjoy their national drink “Walagi”. “Walagi” is a kind of strong liquor, as high as 60 degrees. This wine is clear and bright color, taste mellow aroma, three or four cups often can make the people drunk. Having such a great wine, brewing raw materials mainly is a banana.

Uganda, one of the largest banana producing country in the world
Banana tree is not only the source of the Uganda people’s rich, colorful food, beverage, and there is a variety of purposes known as ” treasures capsule”. For example, just peel a banana peel can be used as animal feed, after dry can burn again. After burning the ashes, after water filtration, distillation, acquire a salty powder, is a manufacturer of snuff ingredients. Banana tree flower, is in purple, can dye. Banana tree roots, there are commonly used to decoct soup to warm the stomach…
Of course, the most wide use or banana leaves of the tree. It was similar to the lotus leaf, can be used for packaging, also can be used as a condiment. No matter how to cook or cook, Uganda people like to add a few just picked a banana leaf, add a unique delicious flavor to food. Banana can also take a shed shade rain, make up the moisture-proof mat. It is dancing around the waist, increase the atmosphere of joy, make it in the wine bottle gourd neck to women, said the undying devotion of love.

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