Beijing Travel Tips And Guides You Must Know Before The Trip

The best travel time:

1. Thinking in terms of climate, Beijing the best travel season is fall. Beijing spring (3 to 5 months) and dry, much sand and dust storms are common in April, but after the clear weather would be recovered; Hot and rainy summer (June – August), there will be 30 degrees of high temperature during the day, July and August in the evening often have heavy rain; Autumn (9 to October) day high, is the best tourist season of the year; (11 – February) the cold winter, but the Snow White and the can be involved in the fashion leisure activities such as skiing.

2. It is generally believed that the off-season for tourism in winter, but during the Spring Festival, various activities, the temple fair for hundreds of years of folk art talents are many, this is the old Beijing tasted the most strong.

Travel essentials:

1. Certificate: be sure to bring your id card, the child’s registered permanent residence this getting valid identity certificate, foreign guests take passport, residence permit, Taiwan compatriot bring Taiwan compatriots certificate. Tourism in the process of the plane ride, the id is needed to deal with hotel accommodations.

2. Clothing: summer hot and rainy, need to prepare breathable clothes and an umbrella. Age season is hot during the day but cool in the morning and evening, short-sleeved pants outside the need for a more long sleeve nut (protect themselves from blowing sand) thin coat; Winter is cold, indoor usually have central heating, can wear woolen sweater alone, go out to wear down jacket (even the best hat), thick pants, and cotton shoes, a hat, scarf and gloves.

3. Prevent bask in: summer strong ultraviolet ray, the climate is very dry, long time in the outdoor activities, please wear a hat and sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm, in order to protect the skin.

4. Drug: carsick medicine, jintan, anti-inflammatory drugs, intestines and stomach medicine, berberine, cold medicine, band-aid, such as regular medicine, prevent mosquito wind, toilet water. Have a heart disease, high blood pressure of the guests should take what you need.

5. Other items: mobile phone, camera, chargers, memory CARDS and other electronic products and accessories, commonly used toiletries also need to take.

Beijing Travel Tips And Guides

Safety related:

Cable car ride, scenic cable car is more, on the need to pay attention to the following:

1. People with heart disease, high blood pressure, and the visitors of drinking too much, please don’t take a cable car.

2. The cable car when need to line up, please obey the arrangement of the staff, wait patiently, try to avoid a dispute.

3. Don’t put the body after the cable car out of any part of the carriage.

4. Cable car if in the process of running due to power outages, voltage instability, cable car mechanical failure, or thunder and wait for a reason, is likely to cause emergency stop, the car because of inertia, substantially please keep calm, waiting for the staff to take measures.

Warm prompt:

1. The black car

Beijing tourism a vast market, but also good and evil people mixed up, non-standard conditions, such as “tour” of the black car. Every morning in the zoo, the front door has a tour bus to the Great Wall, but a lot of prohibition is Beijing for many years the travel down (the conductor and the driver will be enthusiastic to promote “15 yuan a day”), prudent, do not use “swim” bus.

2. Tickets and opening time

Many attractions in Beijing the opening time is very complex, not only has special points, some scenic spots will be three year season, season-opening time is different. Second, the big attractions like the Forbidden City will stop half an hour early ticket or clear, please be sure to know the situation in advance.

3. Dress

Beijing morning and night temperature difference is big, should be according to the season to prepare long sleeve shirts, cotton, leather and other warm clothes. And the high temperature and rainy summer, pay attention to prevent bask in, also pay attention to the rain.

4. The traffic

The traffic in Beijing is known throughout the country, travel in Beijing, vehicles, more easy to traffic jam, and complex traffic measures. So in Beijing visit, must arrange time abundance. If is the drive, make sure you understand the traffic situation in order to avoid the stranded on the road, even unable to travel. In addition, in the rush hour consider bus non-motor vehicles, and even may be more quickly.

The four seasons dress:

1. The spring (3 to 5 months) : 1-2 shirts, pants, jeans, each 1-2 pieces, sweater 1 piece, coat 1 piece, dust coat 1 piece.

2. The summer (June – September) : a T-shirt, shorts and sandals.

3. Autumn (10 – November) : two sets of long trousers, cotton sweater and pants 1 set, 1 a 1 a thin sweater, dust coat, socks 3-4 pairs, 1-2 pieces of shirts.

4. (March 12 -) : winter sweater trousers, cotton or eiderdown outerwear, socks 3-4 pairs, gloves, scarves.


Temple fairs in Beijing: Beijing is the temple fair, but different is, the temple fair of Beijing is not certain, have a plenty of just a few days, or even a month for so long, but its formation, the main is related to religious activities, because when held in religious activities, will be additional on some business activities, over time, people are accustomed to the temple fair. Above the temple fair, religious activities, and it will be performed, and the circus acrobats, some people need more buying and selling of commodities and some of the characteristics of Beijing flavor snack, etc., make the temple fair becomes more lively.

2 people: Peking man is with this kind of custom, every year to the twelfth month, will be placed offerings, such as TangGua, for example, then put on some candlestick and so on phenomena, began to worship god, because from Beijing to the kitchen god is revered, among the people, circulating, the kitchen god is in the twelfth month, report to the jade emperor the family a year of good and evil, the so-called “short” eat people mouth, common people such practices is also want to make more than the kitchen god put in a good word.

Beijing Travel Tips

Characteristic experience:

1. Of beauty

To Beijing, energize TingXi leaf. In terms of traditional art, you can go to the most popular Devon community and hip hop baggage shop see crosstalk, the descendants are b shrine listening to authentic MeiPa; watch bridge acrobatics in the Chaoyang theater. In terms of fashion art, 798, Caochangdi and Songzhuang are often north drift artist of choice. Finally, there is the national grand theater, here have come from all over the world’s top theater performances.

2., banned under

Foil, with a history of 3000 colleges and universities in Beijing have shown the unique cultural atmosphere. Peking University, Tsinghua university, National People’s Congress, north shadow, silliness, alto… It is said that the university is the spirit of their homes, academic hall, so sacred a place, you are not willing to give up in the busy the outbreak of the spare time the trip experience?

As for the imperial college, Confucian temple, as well as all kinds of large and small museums are not to be missed. Quo Zi Jian is the ancient university, rows of jinshi stone integrity as it would let you. The national museum of endless exhibits highlight is a five thousand the nation’s long history and deep confidence.

3. Night, Beijing

After nightfall, Beijing life more colorful, houhai, Sanlitun, nanluogu Xiang bar street is a good place to go. Sanlitun is not popular already high, and then the sea small endowment, wen-ching, coupled with the elegant environment, is the bars are the favorite.

4. This is not too cold in winter

Beijing although cold in winter, all kinds of project are in full swing on the ice. Shi Jinglong north international ski resort, yu Yang ski resorts, ski resorts, all large and small ski resorts of the Badaling ski resort, the buzzing, energetic. Famous yuanmingyuan since 2010 began hosting the royal festival “and the royal temple fair, festival and utilization of qing dynasty royal eight banners, ice having cultural symbols, such as interpretation of the content of the Qing dynasty ice one, in order to reproduce the real ice having a grand scene. This winter is not too cold, the winter in Beijing is more exciting.

5. In those years, together we chase snacks

Walking in the east and west of the old city coma, or the Wangfujing snack street, old Beijing traditional snacks still stubbornly continued. Snowballing usury, it, sugar-coated berry, GaiWanCha… Maybe it is the unique tea snacks, can clear loud tell you why – Beijing is Beijing!

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