Aspects to not miss when you plan to travel to Taiwan

Taiwan is located on southeastern part of mainland of china that is opposite to the Fujian province. You can also find that the island province of Taiwan is recognized to be flanked to the east by Pacific Ocean and to the west by Taiwan straits. Some of the mesmerizing features would comprise of sapphire seas, fantastic downtown sceneries, beautiful beaches, tranquil lakes and many more as such. Are you wondering what to do and when to travel to Taiwan then here are some useful information for your needs.

The memorial hall of Sun Yat Sen: it is situated in the Taipei downtown and is dedicated to the world famous Dr. Sun Yat sen, who was the forerunner to the revolution of china. This hall covers more than 29, 464 Sq.mts building areas.

Trip To Taiwan

Penghu islands: it is also known as Pescadores. It is also an archipelago that can be present in the Taiwan Strait found between the mainland of china and Taiwan. It consists of more than hundreds of small islets and islands. It comprise of clear skies, blue waters, ample cultural scenic spots and soft white beaches.

Taroko national park: it can be located on the Taiwan eastern coast. The Taichung city, Hualien county and Nantou county parts have been covered by Toroko national park. It was named after Taroko gorge. The park would features some of the steep cliffs, wonderful waterfalls, amazing valleys, soaring peaks and babbling streams. The most popular type of Taroko Gorge would be the mesmerizing Tunnel of nine Turns.

Let us know more about the food to not miss when you travel to Taiwan

You can find lots of reason to travel to Taiwan but one among them would be to taste their food as well. Here are some top food items that one must not miss on the visit to Taiwan.

  • Coffin bread: though it has a name not best suited for an appetizer but when it comes to taste, it is without a doubt the dish not to miss. It’s a piece of super thick French white bread toast that is stuffed with various tasty stuffing’s. There are various type of stuffing’s that you can choose between pepper beef or three cup chicken.
  • Almond tofu: it is served as a snack or a dessert along with chilled siken tofy that comes in various forms and types. There are wide range of types in which this food is served in the market. And the toppings that you can add would include sweet beans, taro balls, and fresh fruit.
  • Ice cream dorayaki: for those who have sweet tooth this is a very best type of dessert that you can have. It’s very much recommended for all those who are visiting Taiwan for the first time. It is nothing but two small type of fresh pancakes that would be sandwiched with ice cream in between.

You can find more such type of very popular food items that should not be missed when you visit Taiwan at any cost.

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