A Quick Guide That Tells How To Travel Alone As A Woman

Are you one of those women who are not able to fulfill their dream to travel the world just because you are not getting the right partner? If you are not getting anyone to accompany you, be brave to travel alone as there is no fun like traveling alone and explore new horizons. If you are worried about traveling alone, read through the following that will tell you how to travel alone as a woman and you would get a fair idea about the Dos and Don’ts that you would be required to do while you are traveling, alone.

Why travel alone?

Before you know how to travel alone as a woman you need to be convinced about the benefits of traveling alone. While you travel alone, yes you are exposed to many threats as a female that includes robbery or sexual assault, but then those can be easily prevented if you stay alert. In the bargain, you get a chance to explore places and do that as per your convenience.

If you like a certain place and want to stay there for some extra time or days you are free to do so, unlike the compulsion of sticking to the predefined schedule if you are in a group of travelers. Choice of accommodations, foods etc are owned by you and only you and there is no third party to intervene.


Before starting the journey

Before you set afoot to travel the world all by yourself, you may want to inform your family members or close friends about your plan and tentative itinerary. Once you reach a destination do share the details of your accommodation with them so that in the most unlikely case of anything going wrong they would know about your whereabouts. You should be scanning all relevant documents like travel tickets, passport, health card etc. and keep the soft copies in your email so that in case you lose them it becomes easy for you to reapply.

After the journey has begun

Once you arrive at a destination the first thing that you should do is to befriend someone who looks to be reliable and get an idea of the areas of the city which you should avoid. Locals would be able to guide you much better about this than any internet article. Do carry the address details and phone number of the place where you are staying so that in case you are lost you could seek help from locals to help you reach back to your hotel or hostel.

How toTravel Alone As A Woman Travel the world

You need to remember that as a solo female traveler who is out to travel the world you would be inviting stares. Be ignorant to them as a man giving stares to you may not necessarily have the intentions to assault you. In case you find anyone trying to be too friendly at the first go, try to avoid that individual as his or her intentions could be cruel. Never drink too much and do not accept drinks that are being made by someone else away from your eyes.

Do not try to show off while you roam around on the streets. Try to avoid carrying branded bags that would tell you what is in there. A torn bag that looks age old would serve as a nice camouflage to hide the information that valuables are being carried in that bag. Carry a lot of change so that you do not have to show that you are carrying large bills with you.

There are many tips that will tell you how to travel alone as a female but the most important tip is that you need to be alert and smart enough to gauge a situation and if you sense anything wrong, trust your instincts and walk out of that situation as early as you can.

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