Guide To Impress Venetian Girls During Your Travel To Venice

Are you on the prowl to get hooked to one of the voluptuous Italian beauties in the city of Venice during your travel to Venice? In case you are, you need not wait for too long as there are plenty of attractive Venice girls who are approachable for a quick patch up during your trip. However, that does not mean that any and every woman that crosses you on the streets or canals of Venice is willing to get picked up. You got to deliver to some of her expectations from her man, and that is when you can start weaving dreams of making exotic love with the girl of your choice.

Know about the girls from Venice

Before anything you need to know what are the things that Venetian girls like and what they don’t. It would be good if you could do this study before you travel to Venice as while you are there you would possibly not get much time to prepare an action plan.

Venice girls, like all Italians love to eat. Food is one of the major areas of interest for all Italians and Venice is no exception to that. Pasta, Pizza and Risotto are some of the delicacies that would make any Venice girl go crazy. Would be real good on our side if you could gather enough knowledge about the various Italian cuisines before you travel to Venice as that will widen your chances to win the heart of the Venetian sweetheart easily.

Best places and methods to meet up

Some of the best places to meet up young and bold Venice girls are the nightclubs and discos. Bacaro jazz, Blu Room, Harry’s Bar are some of the favorite hangouts of young generation of Venice, and if you could pay a visit to these places during late evening hours, you would not get the treat of your eyes but you can also hook one of the damsels if you can manage to present yourself well before her and her friends.

Friends play a very important role in the decision making process for Venice girls. Usually a group date is not very uncommon thing in Venice. Try to be at your best and try to impress not only your girl, but give equal importance to her friends as well. Similar to any Italian (for that matter any human) Venice girls love to talk a lot about themselves. They will keep on chatting till the time they suddenly realize that they need to be heard too. If you get any chance to open your mouth, prove your conversational excellence as that will help you get the right girl as you travel to Venice.

Venice girls Travel to Italy

Things under the header of Don’ts

Some of the restricted activities while you try pick up a girl during your travel to Venice include things like talking about politics with the girl, or talking about religion. Keep it straight, simple, and limit your talks to discuss things about yourself and your families. Listen to what she has to say, but do not necessarily counter her thought processes till the time she is talking something really ugly. You may want to use the age old technique of impressing a girl by using rose and wine. A nice dinner on a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Grand Canal with a rose and wine could actually mark the beginning of a love story that you had dream of before traveling to Venice.

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