Why do we float in the dead sea?

The Dead Sea is the lowest water in the world, and about 400 meters below sea level on average. The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan, and is an inland salt lake. Jordan injects from the north. The Dead Sea is 80 kilometers long and 18 km wide, the lake surface area of 1020 square kilometers, the depth of 400 meters. Lisan Peninsula to the lake is divided into two different deeps of the size of the lake basin. The north area of 3/4, depth of 400 meters, and the average depth in the south is less than 3 meters.
The Dead Sea is continued in northern part of the east African rift valley, and here is a piece of sinking of the earth’s crust, sandwiched between two parallel between geological fault scarp. The Dead Sea is located in the desert, very little rainfall and irregular. The winter is without freezing, and summer is very hot, causing the water evaporation of about 1400 mm a year, and often filled with the fog on the lake. The inject 540 million cubic meters of water to the sea every year, there are four small but all the year round with water injection in the east river, because the summer evaporation capacity is big, the winter and water injection, so the Dead Sea water with seasonal changes, ranging from 30 to 60 centimeters.

float in the dead sea

The Dead Sea salt content is extremely high, the deeper of the see the higher salt content. In deep water saturated sodium chloride precipitate and become to fossilization. Due to the lake salt content is extremely high, and that’s the reason why we can float in the dead sea. Generally, sea salt content is 3.5%, and the Dead Sea is salt about 23% ~ 25%. On the surface of the water, 227 ~ 275 grams per liter of salt, so, the Dead Sea is a great salt library. It is estimated that about 13 billion tons of total Dead Sea salt. In the water, the fish is difficult to survive, the bank also does not have flowers and plants, so people call it the Dead Sea. But in recent years, scientists have found that the Dead Sea bottom sediment in the presence of algae and bacteria.

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