Which country have the reputation of “country with windmills” ?

People always called the Netherlands as the “Country with windmills”, and the Netherlands is only more than one thousand people in western European countries. It was named “the Nether-lands” as the original name. “Nether” means “low”, and the meaning of ” lands ” is land. It is collectively referred to as the “low countries”.

The Netherlands is located in the earth’s prevailing westerlies, sheng blow west wind throughout the year. At the same time it is close to the Atlantic Ocean, it is a typical oceanic climate countries, solar wind for years. This will give the lack of hydraulic, power resource of the Netherlands, provides the use of wind power munificent compensation.

The Dutch windmills, first introduced from Germany. At the beginning of a windmill is used only for milling and so on. By 16, the seventh century, the economy of the Dutch windmills has a special significance. At that time, the Dutch in the business of the world, dominate the various raw materials, from each channel to the windmill processing, including: the Nordic countries and the Baltic states of timber, German hemp seed and flaxseed, cinnamon and pepper of India and southeast Asia. The outskirts of the port, Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, there are a lot of windmills mills, sawmills and paper mills.

Netherlands as the Country with windmills

Along with the Dutch people surround the sea land building engineering of large-scale, windmills in the arduous project has played a huge role. According to the local climate characteristics of humid and rainy, variable, they carried on the reform to the windmill. The first is to windmill with canopy.

The Dutch windmills, the biggest several storeys high, wing for up to 20 meters. Some windmills, made from the whole piece of big oak wood. The eighteenth century the Netherlands have about twelve thousand Dutch national windmills each with 6000 horsepower. The windmill used to crush grain and coarse salt, tobacco, oil, pressure roll cloth, carpet, paper making, water and eliminate the marshes. It is these windmills constantly absorbing water, drainage, safeguard the country’s two thirds of the land from the threat of destruction.

Since the 20th century, due to the development of the steam engine and internal combustion engines, turbines, depending on the wind ancient windmill had become bleak, almost forgotten. But because the windmill using natural wind, no pollution, the danger of running out, so it not only by the Dutch people have been in use today, but also become a kind of new energy today, deeply attract people.

At present, the Netherlands is about more than two thousand all kinds of windmills. Dutch people loved their windmill, windmill in the folk songs and proverbs often praise. Building windmills, always try to get dolled up on. Garland on every grand festival, windmill, flying the flag and cardboard do the sun and stars.


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