Where is the Rhine river located and cities on the Rhine ?

A profile, the Rhine

Germany Rhine river is called “Father river”, the longest river in Germany, is also behind the Volga and Danube’s third longest river in Europe, total length of 1320 km, from within the territory of the Swiss Alps, flows through Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the four countries, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands near the north sea.

The Rhine in Germany has 867 kilometers, the scenery along the way of the most beautiful period of middle Rhine valley. This paragraph will bring us into the mountains and the Rhine river valley area, river twists and turns, the rapids. The beauty of the scenery on both sides with dizzying, these picturesque style of medieval Roman town, the vast green vineyards, in almost every hillside, highlands can see past standing proudly in the ancient castle. Here every landscape, each a piece of land is the humanization of nature. The past stands in the mountain castle, reminds people of the Rhine river area was a city-state and governors hero of the heavens and the earth. The castle, or the customs tax levels, or resist the attack of fort, or outlook with beacon tower, or a navigation beacon.

From Rudesheim to Koblenz more than 50 kilometers of the Rhine river best represents the unique natural and cultural landscape, the Rhine river by UNESCO as a world natural and cultural heritage. In order to protect the beauty of natural scenery, this paragraph no Bridges on the Rhine river, exchanges on both sides by ferry.

Beautiful Rhine

The Rhine is also referred to as “the river of destiny” in Germany. The Rhine in Germany, the basin area reached nearly a third of the German land area, and at the same time through a few of the most important industrial area, Germany is not only to provide drinking water to nearly ten million people, but also shoulder the heavy task of inland water transport and irrigation. The Rhine is one of the world’s busiest waterways, it is the artery of Europe. You can see more than 20 countries ship in the Rhine. Rhine river transportation is carried out quietly, people even can’t hear a loud whistle, also couldn’t hear the motor, see is a quiet, romantic river.

“Rhine”, living here in the 4th century BC in the Celtic language, means “clear and bright”. But, after the second world war, with the Germany began a large-scale reconstruction, a large number of water drainage, bear the unbearable weight of the Rhine river, the river water quality not only worsen sharply, and the surrounding ecological was almost is devastating. In the Rhine river pollution is most serious in the 1970 s, the river is smelling the flavour of the phenol. Since the early 70 s, America’s cologne this period of about 200 km (Mainz to the Rhine river), fish disappear completely, local dissolved oxygen in water is almost zero. Later, in joint efforts in many ways, after a long period of hard management, the Rhine river in the past half a century of “pollution first, treatment later” detour, now has become a living river.

In America and cologne on both sides of the Rhine river between approximately 60 castle, mostly on the vertical cliffs, though depressed today broken, but still do not break once proudly. Almost all of the Rhine castles were Kings and emperors and the local rulers of successive years in destruction. Today, many repair a new castle has been changed to hotels, youth hostels and restaurants, etc.

The Rhine river on both sides of the grape growing history can be traced back to the 2nd century BC, the period of the Roman empire was the Roman brought grape planting and brewing technology on both sides of the Rhine. Now the Rhine river middle reaches basin is one of the major wine producing region in Germany.

The Rhine is a full of romance and magic river, is the German poet dreams of paradise. Goethe known as “god bless the land,” playwright Chrysler is referred to as “paradise” of nature. A kind of ancient Roman COINS – may be the earliest souvenirs, the Rhine is also engraved with the joy of “Rhine” legend. Beautiful scenery attracted the Rhine river in the 19th century British famous painter, impressionist pioneer, in 1817, he took the sketch book from cologne onto Mainz. Today these paintings has the value daughter. Famous writer, poet and publicists Heine more make the legendary Lorelei household on the Rhine river. His poem “do not know why I am so sad, ancient legends always linger heart have become a topic of much operas lyrics.

The tourist attractions of Rhine:


Koblenz was built by the Romans, is old city with a history of more than 2000 years, 1018 belong to trier archdiocese, are often selected as archbishop of official residence. As archbishop of Prussia in 1815, from 1822 to 1945, as the provincial capital, serious damage in world war ii. Major ancient building concentrated in the old city, with deutsche horn (Deutsches Eck) is known. Here is located in the Rhine river and its tributaries mosel river interchange, become a symbol of German unification, thus known as the Angle of deutsche. Platforms erected again after reunification ride like German emperor Frederick. The delta is of Germany’s 16 states flag and the German flag.

(2)st. Goar

Goar and the other side of the high st. Goarhausen are famous for Lorelei Rhine goddess. The ancient Romans was earliest settlements in the land. O high around 550 BC, the saints settled in this place, and provide accommodation for the poor and the walkers. So people will be called holy. From 1794 to 1813 was the high for the French occupation. Now, o holy high economy mainly tourism and viticulture and winemaking, the famous tourist attractions is the Rhine castle rock. The third weekend of September every year, high st, and the other side of the st, he hosted a three-day wine festival, held on the evening of Saturday and in the lane fireworks festival – “Lorelei night”, attracted a large number of visitors to wine and watch the fireworks show.


Rhine castle rock is one of the largest castle ruins, on both sides of the Rhine river in the 13th century when card policy nijlen berg marquis in order to ensure the holy high tariffs imposed. 1479 Hessian Cassell castle marquis took over and on a large scale expansion, make the castle a palatial Renaissance palace. In 1692 the Franco-Prussian, inheritance of war, the castle successfully resisted 28000 the French army siege. However, in 1792 the French army firing a shot to occupy the castle. Castle for prince William of Prussia in 1818 purchased much later German emperor, and as its located in Koblenz Allen Stanford, Fulbright Ehrenbreitstein to build. A third of the castle ruins now only keep the original.The tourist attractions of Rhine


Lorelei is by the river of a full of myth of steep cliffs, 132 meters high. The Rhine river is only 90 meters wide, low water level in the visible “seven girls” reef. There is seven girl into rock because of too prudish. While a small local partners in the pursuit of the young girl was refused, will lift this legend to them. In fact, many shit boatman Lorelei was killed. This section of the river bend is more water, often have an accident and outgoing vessels. According to legend this is because there is a beautiful lady Lorelei sweet singing make the boatman. German famous poet Heine poems “Lorelei” has become a household the myths and legends. Beside the river have the statue of the Lorelei, she with long hair. A hill overlooking the Rhine valley is a good place.


(5)Die Pfalz

Lorelei upstream not far away there is a small island in the river, there was a beautiful castle. It is the 14th century water levels. In 1813 with the turn of the New Year’s eve in 1814, German army marshal blucher formally on this island, with the help of a floating bridge expeditionary army crossed the Rhine, hit hard by the 56-point thrashing in encountered in the battle of leipzig napoleon army.


Is known as the les to white wine, “wine city” known as flow, Rudesheim is on the Rhine river park, here is the most beautiful and the Rhine valley, one of the most famous town, annual output of 27 million bottles of wine. Flow of forested Rudesheim is located on the Banks of the river slowly on the hillside, the ups and downs, beautiful scenery, the city is contrasting with red roofs and green mask hidden streets, JinMan the fragrance of flowers. Town all are small and delicate, small wine lane, a small museum, railway stations, small Germanic, statue of liberty, only the vineyard is large. Large tracts of the vineyard with the seasonal change and change color, scenery picturesque villages hidden in the vineyard.

Rudesheim city is one of the most famous one is called a Drosselgasse narrow alleys, both sides is the gift shop, restaurants and pubs, they sell their white wine brewing, visitors can taste to various kinds of quality wine in the cellar.

(6)Niederwald Denkmal

Behind the flow, Rudesheim city mountain stand a monument empire, 1870/1871 is in memory of the Franco-German war and the establishment of the German empire. The project lasted six years, cost 1.2 million marks. The German emperor Frederick William personally attended the foundation in 1871 and 1883 inauguration.

The top of the monument is an emblem of the goddess of the German empire Germanic nia, like 12.5 meters high, weighing 16 tons, 1 meter long face, like the capacity of 20 people to dance. Germanic nia left hand holding the sword (7 meters), right hand holding up imperial crown, head Dai Xiang oak leaf wreath of the victory and glory.

Upper part 25 meters high monument base, carved the imperial eagle, was the German empire around the national emblem of 22 nations. Base of the right corner of the god of peace, standing holding the symbol of the rich abundance Angle and the olive branch; Left standing Angle is the god of war, his right hand holding a sword, mouth has blew into the horn. Between the two is a life-size reliefs, the emperor rode on a horse stands in the middle, the nobles and the army generals on both sides of the cluster. Below the embossment engraved with a poem “Rhine guard”, to commemorate the founding emperor Frederick and prime minister Bismarck, etc. The monument is the theme of war and peace.Where is the Rhine river located and cities on the Rhine

The myth of Rhine

The legend of Lorelei has many versions.

The legendary beauty Lorelei as a curse, was forced to draw on the Rhine river with its beautiful appearance and moving song boatman, caused many boatman cannot concentrate to sail the boat capsized during. To get rid of the curse, Lorelei eventually fell from the cliff into the Rhine.

In Heine poems, Lorelei bewitch passing sailors in songs, seductive and mysterious, full of the poet’s inspiration and imagination. And in her mouth up, Lorelei is more like a girl next door, greatest woe. Legend, Lorelei is a poor girl, unfortunately, and a rich young man fell in love, but the position has made it impossible for them to together. Every day early in the morning and dusk, Lorelei boarded the cliff top, sitting on the stone comb with golden hair, singing songs. Hope love boat passed by from under the cliff, to see her, to hear her song. Finally one day, the love boat from under the cliff, Lorelei jumped down from the mountain, the beautiful youth and hopeless love buried together into the Rhine. From then on, every morning and evening, people always see the Lorelei sat on a cliff ethereal figure, long hair with a comb as sing side, lower back, spilled out. Local produce a wine called “Lorelei tears”, adopted by the grapes from the Lorelei cliff only a few hundred metres away.

The Rhine gold

German composer Wagner’s opera ” Der Ring des Nibelungen ” is the beginning of “the Rhine gold”, described are: the Rhine at the end of the fairy guard in a piece of magic gold, with this gold ring wear can rule the world, after but the man must abandon love. Der ring des Nibelungen gnome al berry bush vowed to abandon love by love, he with the demons Jin Zhucheng ring, became the king of the world, the Lord of the gods lived after made a ring. Al berry and cursed by the ring will be evil.


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