What things to do in Baguio city, when travel to Philippines

Baguio, located in the northern Luzon in the Philippines, is the summer capital of Philippines. Cool climate and the beautiful mountain scenery, make Baguio lovers with other artists, honeymoon desire to enjoy cool and refreshing, secluded favorite spots.

In 1900, the Americans created Baguio in Ibaloi village site. On September 1, 1909, Baguio city has been designated as the political city of Philippines, the presidential palace, the Supreme Court, the legislative offices. Distance is about 250 kilometers north of Manila, eight hours drive from Manila to go to, bad road maintenance during the rainy season. World war II bombing destroyed Baguio, but quickly build business and education city from the ruins. On July 16, 1990, Baguio earthquake destroyed most of the city, and was quickly rebuilt. City at an altitude of 1500 meters, located in a humid tropical fir forest, help moss plants and orchids. Baguio is in a population of two hundred and fifty thousand.


What things to do in Baguio city, when travel to Philippines

Baguio airport is about 20 minutes away from downtown by car. Due to the length of the runway, jet can’t use the airport. It can handle only small propeller aircrafts, flight to Manila 50 minutes per day, the morning flight is stable, because in the afternoon when the fog began to form, the airport have closed.

There are many shopping centers in cities, SM, Abanao square shopping center, Maharlika life center, and Porta Vaga shopping center. Baguio, there are eight major institutions of higher education, the university of the Philippines, Baguio university, ten kilometers in the south of baguio, the Philippine military academy, the unique course of four years, the design is suitable for the needs of the force in the Philippines, saint Louis university, Baguio national central university, school of art.

Many tourist attractions such as Burnham Park, a man-made saltwater lake, can boating. In the center of the lake is a rarely used “dancing fountain” the spray height of 50 feet. Park has a children’s park, a rink with a top on it. Baguio cathedral has a solemn church on the hills. The cathedral in 1945 was during the Second World War, under the carpet bombing in Japan, save millions of lives. Meeting avenue road is the commercial center. Along the street there are many shops, restaurants, billiard ball hall, and bowling alley.

Praying in the mosque in the city has several rooms, catering to the thousands of Muslim families from Mindanao. John Camp Hay facilities for U.S. military and national defense employees to rest and recreation place. The United States handed over to the Philippine government on July 1, 1991, has a “honeymoon village”, as the newlyweds honeymoon destination.

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