What makes the education in the Netherlands be high class one ?

Netherlands always is famous for its world famous quality education, because there are the national law and the quality monitoring system, all the teaching course by an independent expert committee on a regular basis. Good atmosphere of education, teaching quality guaranteed. Students complete the course, examination qualified, authorized by the degree audit after award degrees, degree, get legal protection degree is internationally recognized.

The Dutch international education began in the 1950 s, when the Dutch government is aware of it can bring benefits to overseas and domestic students. So some specializes in the institute of international education were founded, in order to provide foreign students with high quality education. Dutch institutions of higher learning are divided into regular university, the higher professional university/hogeschool and international education institute. At present there are 14 normal university, the Netherlands 54 higher professional colleges and universities 15 international education institute; In addition to conventional Dutch courses, they can provide more than 600 international education courses, all taught in English. To take part in the international education students can get graduation certificate in accordance with the Anglo-American tradition, bachelor, master and PhD certificate, rather than the Netherlands degree title. In fact, no other countries in Europe in addition to the UK can provide so many English courses. The course is specially designed for foreign students in all the subjects, involving management and commerce, science and technology, agricultural science, all kinds of fields such as law, medicine and art.

High class education in the Netherlands

At the beginning of the established, normal university on the talent of education theory research, main cultivating practical talents of higher professional college, such as the company’s senior management personnel and the first line of science and technology workers, etc., and international education institute is to recruit foreign students. In recent years, the distinction faded, instead, the extensive cooperation between school and fierce competition. One of the most famous have business, law, science, medicine, agriculture, urban construction, remote sensing science and literature and art, etc. Curriculum practical and profound, in the form of theory combined with the actual teaching, such as analogy to the working environment or let students during the learning really enter the company research institutions, etc., aims to cultivate high quality talent.

education of Netherlands

All courses are to help those who want to learn real skill or enrich their existing knowledge of students, scholars and professionals. Many international curriculum allows students to go to a relevant professional company or organization in practice, some can even travel to other European countries to study. All courses are around how to use professional knowledge to solve practical problems. Therefore, flexible curriculum, teachers’ quality is high, also requires students to actively, efforts and progress.

As a result of the action of the quality monitoring system, the Netherlands relatively balanced teaching quality in colleges and universities. At the same time, whether private or public, enjoy government subsidies in most places, and the same professional fees in general. Therefore, the Dutch were the most concern is whether it can get a degree, graduated from which school instead. Every school has its unique atmosphere and style. Dutch students in choosing a school, always consider the environment and conditions of the school, professional and academic atmosphere, etc.


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