What is window prostitution in red light district in Amsterdam, Netherlands ?

In the large cities of western countries tend to have a porn site focused on the street, is known as the red light district. In Amsterdam “Standardized Management” of the red light district, has become the city and even the famous landscape in Europe. Look at the “girl” window, to the social deformity send scene then commercialization felt startled. Letter to those who by the study spirit state, wealthy society, the other side of the western civilization, there is a image and profound understanding.

Amsterdam, Netherlands is a beautiful city, has “The north Venice”. Near the red light district is at the heart of the World War II memorial square, is a middle of a not wide canal street. Buildings on both sides of the bottom have a get a beautiful shop window. More than two meters wide, each window is in front of the large glass, just have a little space, half behind the curtain, curtain is a piece of bed.

The window prostitution display of goods was claiming to be the soul of the universe “person”, the so-called behind Windows. There are little amount of girls in white, also the most low level local prostitutes; How they became to this is unknown. In order to make a living, they had to rent a counter sales, price negotiable, act as the guest’s sex toys. Ugly prostitute system development since ancient times to the present, also change the packing, the goods in order to “modern management” mode of operation, from “distribution” to “direct”.

window prostitution Amsterdam, Netherlands

Perhaps time still early when we passed the “street”, not in night , mostly black window with light pull the curtain didn’t go to work, there are some early girl came to his own booth. Shop window lighting brightness is no extra things. Girl wipe the thick makeup colors, exaggerated painted like on the stage, wearing a very exposed three point walking up and down inside, waiting for the clients.

Others are sitting on a stool smoking looked at the ceiling, some with his forehead the looking glass to the outside. How walking on window when I don’t want to associate a bit like in the zoo. It is also a “person”! As you can see, the inside of the people also know that these passer-by outside is not buyer, brown talks to these people be seen to show off.

To be honest, the body is not new for painters, study and display human beauty is our one of the important lessons of creation or teaching. However, in the face of such take the form of goods. Of “body” on the window, no aesthetic feeling, even sad and sad: how to get the “people” to this step of heaven and earth! I took a look at their eyes, were all indifference.

red light area in Amsterdam, Netherlands

In front of pedestrians, they can only use indifference to conceal inner sour, shame, helpless, and hatred. Looked at the rows of bright Windows, I have thought about the hotel restaurant in front of the rows of glass tank, swam in all kinds of fish, etc. Value the point to which diners in front of the tank, remove and the pot… . Know the metaphor a bit unkind and too much, but when the commercialization of society to the extreme, and the fish has no difference, even some of the same in the form of buying and selling.

I had seen many famous galleries in Europe, often with respect and even worship the mood of appreciating the work of the Renaissance many great painters. With their brushes in praise and calls from medieval theocracy under the liberation of the awakening of people, goodness, human value, human dignity, human rights. Then the enlightenment thinkers of where to expect, however, they promote “people measure of all things” humanism, now had the alienation to let the girl to tear soft veil, naked into the kitchen window to achieve their personal “value”. Their “dignity” are only “no photos taken, please do not use finger to point” several regulations.


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