What is Vienna known for ?

Vienna, the world’s famous city, is the capital of Austria, and located in the northeast Austria in high mountain in the Alps. Three sides of it are surrounded by mountains and faces the river Danube. Vienna is covered by the famous Vienna woods. A population of 1.563 million people at the year 2000.
In the 1st century BC, the Romans had established castle here. 13 century, with the rise the Hapsburg royal family has been developing rapidly, the magnificent Gothic buildings have sprung up. After the 15th century, became the capital of the holy Roman empire and Europe’s economic center. The 18th century, Maria Theresia presidency is keen on reform, and the power of the church to promote social progress. At the same time bring the prosperity of art, make the Vienna had gradually becomed the center of European classical music, and was known for the “The city of music“.

Vienna the world's famous city

Vienna is also known for “The goddess of the Danube”, because of the beautiful environment and scenery attractive. On the west of the alpine foothills are undulating “Vienna woods” panoramic view. The east face can overlook the Danube river and Carpathian Mountains. North broad grassland is like a piece of green tapetal with shimmering Danube waves winding its way through it. Climbing on the top can see various styles of church architecture. The city streets are radiation ring, 50 meters wide, within the ring road of blotting out the sun along the tree-lined inner city. Inner city streets of pebble, freely crisscross, few high-rise building, the baroque and Gothic and Roman architecture. Medieval Stephansdom and Votivkirche spire rise the cloud, the south 138 meters high tower, overlooking the city. Ring boulevard for museums, city hall, the important building, university and the national opera, etc. Ring road and the other parallel as an intermediary between Ringroad, for commercial, residential, this area also has a built in palaces, churches, etc. For outer layer, the second ring road outside the city, the west has a quiet and tastefully laid out and park, the beautiful villas and other palace buildings. In the numerous palace, located in the south-west of Szonblunn Kastle more striking, this is the boom a monument in the history of Austria. In the southeastern part of the city “Belvedere” for the early 18th century Carl the emperor for the Turkish invasion of her fellow made this.


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