What is Traveling Agriculture ?

Traveling Agriculture is also called the green tourism and sightseeing Agriculture with the combination of tourism a recreational farming activity. Farmers use local advantageous natural conditions set up activities, providing living facilities, to attract tourists, in order to increase income. The content of tourism activities in addition to sightseeing, and hunting in the forest, the water farming activities such as fishing, picking fruit. In some countries, it is a measure of the overall rural development.
Traveling Agriculture should be around tourism agriculture. In other words, it is to travel to provide products and services. Its production characteristics should be the first time, in order to protect the ecological balance as the premise; Its product characteristics should be the nationality, to carry forward the traditional culture as a selling point; The positioning of its business should be a service to tourists need to set mode. Nature, tradition, is the goal of tourism, it is the greatest characteristic of the rural areas in China. The characteristics from the perspective of developing modern agriculture are not an advantage, but to the development of tourism agriculture has become China’s vast rural areas of common regional advantage.

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