What is tourism real estate industry ?

The real estate industry is based on real estate management objects, the real estate development and construction, operation, maintenance, management of business activities or the floorboard of the industry, is an independent self-contained industrial sectors: the tourism is a “line, hotel, tour, shopping, food, entertainment,” the six elements, integrated industry. But in the final analysis, the two industries are depended on the land, through development and utilization of landscape culture resources to meet human needs of the third industry. , multiple functions with the land use and the diversification of human needs, the tourism industry and real estate industry appeared in the same environment factors on the function of overlapping phenomenon, and in tourism real estate industry appeared on the industry form the cross branch.

tourism real estate industry

The birthplace of the tourism real estate started in France’s Mediterranean coast. At the beginning of the last century, the Mediterranean coast developed a large number of beach house, tourism landscape real estate become early forms of tourism real estate. In the 1960 s the French Alps region villa resort first developed in the timeshare sales way to attract customers, combining tourism and real estate, marks the birth of tourism real estate industry. Since then, a large number of international financial investors, real estate developers, hotel investment management institutions are involved in tourism, leisure vacation industry, the combination of tourism and real estate model along with the development of tourism real estate industry also get constantly enrich and innovation.

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