What is the tax refund process of Rome Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport?

Drawback can have two kinds, one kind is a security check before, the other is a security check. Tours are generally not back before the screening, also if the drawback to check the goods before the security drawback. Before I was at the end of July, because the airport drawback of local fire happened, cause even if security is not refund cash back.

Tax refund formalities goes like this: first of all should deal with good boarding pass, if it’s baggage and the staff said you have a drawback goods inside, she will be on a label to your luggage and have your boarding pass and then my baggage to the window of the customs pass his examination, the tax refund at this time what is likely to ask you to buy a list of what items, you have to take it out to him and then to the next ~ to do pass them the tax refund refund company’s window, select back to the credit card will be filmed on the list of rebates, prevent didn’t refund card can track later. And then get the luggage back to deal with the formalities that register after there is a special rebate of baggage orbit, it is ok to put the bags up, and then through the security check.

The tax refund formalities after security is the same, only different is the drawback of goods do you want to rebate after security ~ is said to be the security people less ~

To arrive at the airport two hours early, because export refund people really a lot, but the italians work efficiency is very low, I list export refund when the customs is slow, also has been talking to the person next to ~

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