What is the capital of New Zealand? The introduction of Wellington, New Zealand.

Wellington, the national capital of New Zealand is located in the southern tip of New Zealand’s north island, the throat of Cook Strait. She was surrounded by the hills on three sides, with the sea on the fourth side, and cherished Nicolson port. The whole city with green and the air is fresh. Wellington is located in the fault area, apart from having a flat near the sea. The whole city mountain building a major earthquake in 1855 had serious damage to port. The Wellington is rebuilt after 1948. There is in a population of 424000 (December 2001).

In the 10th century, the Polynesian settled here. In 1840, the British sign with local Maori chiefs after, a large number of British immigrants to come here. Initially, the British people call the area “the British,” mean “British area”, gradually after the expansion of cities and towns, development to today’s scale. In 1815 to win the name of napoleon’s the star of the duke of Wellington to give a name to the town. Auckland, New Zealand after the British colonized, once the capital, but the Auckland, New Zealand’s south island residents think that far north in the north island is unfavorable, as the capital, after several disputes, finally settled on Wellington is the capital in 1865.

In Wellington 9% of residents for the Maori and the rest mostly descended from the UK and Irish immigrants. English is widely used in New Zealand and the Maori speak Maori. Most residents are Catholic and protestant Christianity.

Wellington City at dusk from Mount Victoria

Wellington is New Zealand national political, industrial and financial center. Auckland, Wellington port of Nicolson is second only to the second port, port 5 km wide, 20 kilometers long, the narrowest point channel entrance is 1097 m, 11 m in depth. Area of 83 square kilometers, the anchorage is good, will be ten thousand tons of ship. Inside the city, there was the queen’s pier, the king of the pier terminals, ocean passenger port and railway highway ferry terminal and so on more than 10 ports. Nicolson port was always cargo throughput of 7 million tons per year. Wellington, the city’s main transportation work is private car. The city traffic is convenient with advanced telephone service.

Wellington is the Pacific famous tourist resort. Preserved ancient buildings in the city have built in 1876 the government building, it is one of the most magnificent wooden structure in the south Pacific, built in 1866 by the magnificent Paul’s cathedral, built in 1904 the town hall. The inside of the famous war memorial was built in 1932, 49 bell chimes, the first time the clock was inscribed with the name of the New Zealand people war battlefield of world war II.

Wellington has beautiful scenery in the southwest of downtown on Victoria hill, and there was the 1893-1906 the prime minister used office on the hill. Seddon had political legislation has an important influence to New Zealand, he make New Zealand became the first country women have the right to vote.

The beautiful Wellington college

Wellington golden beach and blue bay

Wellington zoo, famous for its unique exotic animal park treasure the national bird of New Zealand “kiwi bird”. This kind of bird grows without wings, tail, and with a long mouth, image strange and interesting. New Zealand and a kind of fruit is named after “kiwi”, it is from southern China at the turn of the century the introduction of kiwi fruit. The fruit of the New Zealand people’s carefully nurtured and improvement, New Zealand has become the most important export fruit, enjoying high reputation in the international market.

Wellington has a lot of volcano park, and the park’s geothermal landscape such as pot, boiling mud, jet hole, attracted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. The famous James cook hotel each room is equipped with telephone, refrigerator, air conditioning and TV. Wellington, some restaurants for the tourists also arranged for hunting, fishing, water boat tour, helicopter travel, bicycle cross-country, sculpture, glass blowing etc. There are various kinds of sports and recreational activities.

Like the rest of New Zealand Wellington region, there is a whole complete education system, including primary, secondary, vocational schools, teachers college and university. Many women in the completion of 10 years of compulsory education law study, job, marriage family, until their children to grow up and then enter vocational school to learn, so the Wellington city, adult education and vocational and technical education is very developed. Wellington has the nation’s largest library ─ ─ Alexander stern brin library, can provide service for 5000 readers every day. The famous Victoria university of Wellington, not only complete disciplines, the library and experimental facilities, but also has many research institutions, every year there are foreign students to study this from five continents.


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