What is the capital of Finland ? Introduce the tourist information of Helsinki

Helsinki is Finland’s capital city and has many lakes around on street corners. Helsinki’s summer has a long daytime with about 20 hours, so people called Helsinki “City with sun never set”. Here is northern Europe’s largest university – the University of Helsinki, and famous Helsinki University of technology, economic management academy are in Helsinki, and so on.

Helsinki has wide streets in the city, beautiful and clean, everywhere is green trees and lawns of carpet. The street downtown has carpet of flowers in the garden. Unique style buildings, built multi-purpose light color granite, make the Helsinki is called “white north city”.

Helsinki train station has a strong national style, the clock tower and the hall on both sides had a huge portrait of relief. The municipal government, the presidential palace, the state council are near the square in the center of the city. There are many small park in town, in the sunshine is full of people in the park, because Nordic sunshine is very precious, people won’t let the sun go to waste. In the street there are quite a few people in slowly drinks in the coffee room.

Introduce the tourist information of Helsinki

Someone said, the European urban construction is the most beautiful especially in the church. That is real. When tourists by boat from the sea came to Helsinki, far look at the beautiful port city, a dozen towering spires and with a clock tower building ornament in the woods, the urban construction which is built in the 12th century to the 19th century style of different churches. Helsinki’s most famous buildings, the senate square is located in the downtown Helsinki cathedral, and the surrounding flaxen neoclassicism style of architecture. Ivory cathedral was built in 1852, the structure of the elegant, has a special, said Finland architecture art essence. The bell tower of the cathedral machine with light green arch straight is 80 meters above sea level, and on the sea has become a symbol of Helsinki. In front the cathedral is the senate square, on both sides of the cabinet building respectively and the University of Helsinki, not far away, the Supreme Court is the presidential palace and the city hall is located to the south. The church before the senate square is an attractive place for tourists to come for a visit.

In addition, there is a church was built in modern underground church in the rock. Everyone travel to Helsinki as the foreign tourists can’t miss to the whole piece of rock and go into the church feel its unique charm. This famous European “Rock Church” called Temppeliaukio Church is located in the downtown square.


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