What is the capital city of Belgium? Introduce the grand place of Brussels, Belgium.

Brussels is the capital of the kingdom of Belgium. Flemish plain is in the north of the Brussels with the low terrain, and the south is a slightly undulating terrace, 58 meters on average. A population of 1.07 million, covers an area of 162 square kilometers, is the largest city of Belgium.
Belgium located among three countries, Britain, France, Germany is the crossroads of Western Europe, known as “the crossroads of Europe”. Brussels is the center of the intersection. This location of Belgium has brought convenience and benefits, but also make it a competition goals and place of the European powers. After the 16th century, 300 years, successively colonized by the Spanish, French and Dutch. In August 1695, in France and Britain, the war between the two countries, Brussels has 16 churches, nearly 4000 homes destroyed Yu Fajun artillery fire, most of the buildings around also failed to survive in the center of the city square, the Brussels was almost in ruins. On October 4, 1830, Belgium declared independence, became the capital Brussels. In the two world wars in this century, Belgium also failed to escape the fate of “Europe”, Brussels, twice the German occupation, until September 1944, before liberation from Hitler’s hands by the Allies.
Brussels, after the war is no longer the items of every European powers, but a dialogue, exchanges and cooperation, become an important international city. Here has more than 100 international organizations, such as the north Atlantic treaty organization, the European economic community, the European coal and steel community, Benelux, the European atomic energy community, and more than 500 countries around the world of the Banks’ agencies, companies and enterprises. The north Atlantic treaty organization employees amounted to more than 3000 people here. And the staff member of the European economic community for more than 8000 people, the only translation that is nearly 2000. Every year there are hundreds of an international conference in Brussels. In many countries to send three at the same time to Brussels ambassador: ambassador to Belgium, ambassador to NATO, ambassador to Europe. As a result, not only is the capital of Belgium, Brussels and is called “the capital of Western Europe.

the capital city of Belgium
So many international organizations, institutions and meetings, attracted more than 80 foreign nationals to Brussels, Belgium people compete to set up here to adapt to the different customs service industry and cultural entertainment, caused the situation of foreigners accounted for a quarter of people in the city, white, yellow, black, brown people everywhere, made Brussels authentic museum of “human” and “ethnic customs exhibition of the world”. According to statistics, there are remaining 1500 countries to open the restaurant in Brussels, including more than 200 of Chinese restaurant only. 74 foreign students of elementary and middle schools, so 60 by the Catholic church, 15 Christ church, 4 the Greek church, respectively, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Britain, Italy, and the west, and 10 several languages, such as the mission to people in different countries. On 22 theater, cinemas, 50 different language programs. 265 tennis courts, 30 50 golf courses, swimming pools, countless soccer field, basketball court, many boats, yacht, horse RACES, riding club, meet the needs of the sports of foreign nationals.
Brussels is a famous tourist city in Europe, known as “small Paris”. There are many places of historic interest and museums in the city, outside with dense forests, full-bodiedly lake and verdant grass of dream-rivers. Which give visitors the deepest impression is the Brussels “3 big” : the first citizens less than budget, atomic ball tower and the ancient battlefield of Waterloo.

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