What is the best season to Hawaii ?

Hawaii is located in the Pacific with a pleasant climate, beautiful environment, surrounded by sea in all directions has a “paradise” reputation. Sun, sea, beach, volcanoes, and the local folk culture, constitutes a characteristic scenery of Hawaii.

All the year round you can go to Hawaii, but Hawaii ‘s best travel season is summer. Sunbathing, sports leisure, such as surfing, sailing, rowing, summer is the best, of course. So when sunbathing is best? The answer is every day at noon 11 to 13:00, you guessed it? Why? Because this paragraph of time the sun point-blank, uniform body every inch of the skin by light, the best effect. One hour before so you can lie on your back, one hour after turn over on your stomach, to accept sunbathing on the both sides of the body every day, one can obtain an enviable bronzed skin. For the eastern yellow color of skin, of course, for the beautiful, the skin white was sun tan or not. To go to Hawaii, of course, don’t forget to visit the Pearl Harbor. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, it is the turning point of the Second World War, the United States navy is massive suffering, but the aircraft carrier is in good condition. Now Pearl Harbor has built-in the United States warships USS Arizona Memorial. USS Arizona was the flagship of the US navy, was sunk in the war in Pearl Harbor, and 1177 U.S. crew was lost in the radar. USS Arizona was not found, but build on her a USS Arizona Memorial. Although more and more Japanese now travel to Hawaii, but no one in Pearl Harbor.

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