What are the world heritage sites in France ?

Since 1979, the French with a total of 27 sites listed as world heritage sites. Throughout France set out to explore the distribution of wealth! France has four Catholic church was listed in UNESCO’s world heritage list, they respectively are: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres, Cathédrale Notre – Dame d ‘Amiens, Cathédrale Saint Etienne DE Bourges and Cathedrale Notre Dame DE Reims. This several churches all is 12 to 13 century BC masterpiece of gothic architecture. Cathédrale Notre – Dame DE Chartres in the temple, with its broad pointed arch impressive hallway of the sculpture, the gorgeous stained-glass Windows, all kinds of buildings are protected well. Cathédrale Notre – Dame d ‘Amiens is the largest of the four churches, building structure is harmonious, church three-tier architecture is very beautiful… Cathédrale Saint Etienne DE – triangle lintel of Bourges, all kinds of sculpture decoration, special famous stained-glass Windows. Cathédrale Notre – Dame DE Reims is crowned king of France held a ceremony, it fine sculptures and a large number of outer wall surface angel statue is known.

Cathédrale Notre - Dame d 'Amiens world heritage sites in France

There are a lot of brilliant Romanesque art has also been included in the UNESCO world heritage list. In Bourgogne district, and a tradition of Vezelay basilica hill is the place where the Crusades when camping, is Sainte Marie – Madeleine holy things attract people to come to visit. Abbaye DE Fontenay near Dijon, is a simple style of the west more than order structure, its garden, the monastery is very famous… . Of Poitou Eglise DE Saint – Savin – sur – Gartempe is famous for its eleventh and twelfth century fresco in the world. City with a long history The ancient city with a long history is also an important part of human cultural heritage. Along the Seine river in Paris, France history as elegant picture appears in front of your eyes. Lyon is a historical center city, to show the more than 2000 years of French style changes. In Strasbourg touched La Grande Ile, all sorts of old buildings (cathedral, four old chapels, rohan, the prince palace) constitute a full of charm of medieval history block. La Cite des Papes can see the history and culture of the ancient city, with many gothic and Roman ancient buildings. Aude Carcassonne is a famous ancient city of medieval fortifications. Provins city building protection is very good, with the characteristics of the middle ages in the market construction.

Cathedrale Notre Dame DE Reims world heritage sites in France

Nowadays, when people visit Chambord, Versailles, Amboise, Fontainebleau, Chinon, Blois, or Le Louvre, visitors seems under the guidance of our tourists like a magic wand, returned to the royal festival, private, or play of court life. Those standing in the Loire river and its tributaries of the French royal family’s oldest castle, its origin can be traced back to ancient medieval. In Langeais, le pont Levis – welcomes tourists arrival. In the Loches, former prison still makes people feel chilling. When you appeared on the Angers patrol path, the panoramic view shows the beauty of the surrounding valleys.

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