Visiting St. Peter’s Basilica, Italian Renaissance church in Vatican City

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the largest Catholic church in the world, and is also the center of the Catholic. Though not the cathedral of the bishop of Rome, but it is still regarded as the Catholic church’s most sacred sites. St. Peter’s basilica is one of the famous of the Catholic pilgrimage sites. The Pope multiple ceremonies will be held here each year, about fifteen thousand people to eighty thousand people took part in every time. Many events in the history of st. Peter’s basilica and Christianity all have the strong correlation, early Christian, teach her, the reformation, the reformation and so on. St. Peter’s basilica was built in 1506 to 1506. The church is the central dome 42 meters in diameter, the peak of about 138 meters high, the front two reuse colonnade surrounding the baroque square. Covers an area of 23,000 square meters, can accommodate more than sixty thousand people, the great building was built many architects: doing my best artist, designer of the square is Benitez. Hall insourcing has many European Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael and mural painting and sculpture. Pietra is works of Michelangelo. The sculpture is on the right-hand side into the door, the virgin small hall. Cupola is designed Michelangelo, may through the narrow ring at the top of the stairs have been arrived in st. Peter’s cathedral, standing here, overlooking the panoramic st Peter’s and Roma, people say, this is the place where the closest to heaven. SacreGrotte located beneath the cathedral is among the Pope’s tomb. Pope will be praying for the masses in the church, Sunday is so if you’re lucky enough to see the Pope. Enters the church should not wear too casual, dress and pants to knee-high, men and women loaded sleeve to the shoulder.

Visiting St. Peter's Basilica, Italian Renaissance church in Vatican City

St. Peter’s Basilica is located in northwestern of Italy, the Vatican city, west of the river Tiber, is the world’s largest Catholic church. The church was named from st. Peter. After Jesus died, he led all the Christians from Palestine, tens of thousands of miles west missionary came to Rome, slain by the Roman emperor, buried after Rome. In the 4th century AD, after Constantine become Christianity, in 325, to Rome with a missionary to st. Peter’s in the first place, later also is his burial site to build the st. Peter ‘s Basilica, along with the increasingly prosperous Christian influence in 1506.
The whole building more than 120 years, to finally completed in 1626, presided over by the Roman Pope urban inauguration. Among this, including Michelangelo, 10 Renaissance architectural art masters successively served as the designer of the church, therefore, is considered to be the church existing Italian Renaissance architecture art masterpiece.

Visiting St. Peter's Basilica, Italian Renaissance church

Church is about 200 meters long, 130 meters at its widest point, plane cross, the most can reflect the Renaissance architectural style, is the church in the middle of a vault covered the big dome. The cross on top of the dome height from the ground is about 137 meters. Dome 42.34 meters in diameter, with a dazzling golden light on the ball. From the bottom of the elevator to dome church, into the ball, only to find that within a sphere, unexpectedly have to accommodate 10 people stand, which can be reasoned that the size of the church. It is said that inside the hall can hold 70000 people. Church has five doors, center front door only major religious holiday, start from the Pope himself, other 4 doors open all day, be let in. Inside the church are bulky high marble columns, walls, ceiling, door, and on the ground, window, nowhere not exquisite sculptures, murals, and Mosaic. Michelangelo marble statue of the “mother” is the “treasure” of the church. Saint Mary right hand around after the crucifixion of Jesus, the author gives every child to the virgin of the body of the earth mother’s image and feelings, permeated with a kind of quiet and the beauty of holiness. Other works, for example, Michelangelo st. Peter ‘s statute and architects and sculptor Bernini sculpture “Holy – water stoups,” such as art masterpieces.

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