Visit The Most Slender Country Of The World – Chile

Chile - the slimmest country in the world with the widest point at a distance of mere 270 miles is a place to travel for those who love cultural diversity and breathtaking scenic beauties of the Andes range. The country which is rendered as one of the most developed South American countries has been boasting about its wineries and wine production, thanks to the age old rivalry with neighbor Argentina. As you plan your travel to Chile, make sure you keep enough time for a visit to one the vineries in and around Santiago.

The must see places and attractions

The capital city of Santiago and coastal city of Valparaiso has so many things to offer that will make your travel to Chile a very memorable one. The Museum of human rights in Santiago is something that attracts many tourists and the free entry is not the only reason behind that. La Moneda Palace, Santa Lucia hill, San Cristobal Hill, Museo Chilenode Arte Precolombino, Santiago Metropolitan park are some of the major tourist attractions that makes Santiago a capital city that one will never forget in a lifetime.

If you cannot afford to go to Paris to see the Eiffel tower, you could at least see a different architectural mastery from the designer of the Eiffel Tower, Alexandre Gustav Eiffel. We are referring to the San Marcos Cathedral that is located in Arica, a small town in the northern boundaries of the country. This building attracts tourists majorly because it is a very rare instance of gothic architecture in the South Americas.

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It is not possible that you will travel to Chile and will not visit the Easter Islands. So what if it is located around 2200 miles off the western coast of Chile, paying a visit to this island is worthy enough for a number of reasons. The Moai statues which are scattered all over the island form one of the biggest unsolved mystery even today as in who made those carved human figures out of the huge monoliths. Apart from these monumental statues, petro glyphs which are pictures that are being carved into rocks also form a major attraction for the visiting tourists.

Other activities that you could do while you travel to Chile include hiking the world’s tallest volcano Ojos Del Salado, which is still active, or visit the Torres Del Paine National park to get a complete view of the Andes and Patagonia steppe mountains.

Trip to Chile

Chile is a pocket friendly country

A combo meal that includes a starter, main, along with dessert and drinks in a fast food restaurant will cost something around 3600CLP which is just a little more than 5USD and a full meal at a good sit-down restaurant will cost around 7500CLP which would come to around 11USD. Cheap food is well accompanied by cheap wine. You may want to get a little tipsy as that would not cost you a hell of money.

Like food, even transportation is very cheap in the Chilean lands. 820 CLP is what you pay for a single bus side in the busy city of Santiago. Taxis are also widely available which will cost 300CLP as a base fare followed by 130CLD per 200mts. Enjoy the beauty and heritage of the cities as you travel to Chile without worrying much about your pocket.

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