Useful and Safety Tips on traveling to Europe alone as a woman

You would be amazed to know that on the list of top 10 safest countries to travel across the world, eight countries are from Europe. This shows that traveling to Europe alone as a woman is a very safe thing to do and general worries related to the safety of the solo female traveler do not hold good when you travel to Europe. Countries like Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands or Finland are not only celebrated tourist places because of their scenic beauties or historic buildings but also, because they offer safe tourism to their tourists, especially to the females who travel alone.

You cannot miss some best places to travel solo in Europe

The fact that you are traveling to Europe alone as a woman should not deter you from visiting some of the major landmarks of Europe. While there are sporadic cases of crime against women in these places, but then it is not possible that you travel to Europe and not visit places like Rome which is famous for its Coliseum, Paris that is known for the landmark Eiffel tower or London to pay a visit to the historic Big Ben.

These are usually very crowded places and as a solo female traveler, you would certainly draw the attention of people (especially the ones with ill intentions) in all likeliness. Hence, you need to be extra cautious while you queue up at the entrance of the Louvre Museum of Paris or walk through the narrow streets of Inner Stradt in Vienna or take a gondola ride in the canals of Venice.

Some best places to travel solo that you cannot afford to miss in Europe are the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben in London, The Louvre Museum and Eiffel tower in Paris, Coliseum and St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Berlin Wall and Reichstag Building in Berlin, Lake Zurich in Switzerland, Royal Palace of Amsterdam and the Dam Square in Amsterdam, just to name a few. As you would be traveling to Europe alone as a woman it would give you more flexibility to visit all these places.

traveling to Europe alone as a woman

Save money in your travel to Europe

Like any other continent, while you travel to Europe you have to be alert with your valuable documents like passports and tickets. You would also need to keep an eye on your expenses as unlike other places, Europe is expensive. Accommodation, transport, cost of everything is on the higher side, hence if you are traveling alone as a woman who has a budget to follow, you may want to cut corners in some areas.

While traveling alone as a woman you would need not book those large rooms in hotels that would cost quite a few Euros. Instead, you can try and book a single room in a hostel or B&B. Male travelers can save even more here as they can book a single bed in the dorms but then as a solo female traveler, that may not be the right thing to do.

If you want to get some good discounts on foods, museum entries as you travel to Europe, do not forget to include your student card in your luggage. Even if you are no longer a person who is registered to any educational institution, still flashing your student card could earn you some good discounts and save a lot of money for you.

traveling alone as a woman airport

Meet the locals and make friends

While you travel to Europe all alone, try to mingle with people in your hostel or hotel and befriend them. This is a huge advantage of traveling alone as you feel the urge to make friends with people as you would need someone to share your experiences and thoughts about the places that you would have visited during the day. However, as you would be a solo female traveler, while making friends try to do so with the locals who in your judgment are jovial people and not mingling around with some cruel intention up their sleeves.

It is good to know some of the languages that are being spoken in various countries of Europe. While English would be spoken in most of the countries, but if you are traveling alone it is good to know a little bit of French or Spanish. In the most unlikely situation of a distress, seeking help from the locals would be an easier task if you know the local language a bit. Remember, you are all alone and in the case of any support required, it is the locals who would come to your aid.

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