Travel To Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France At The Same Time

Every spring, Keukenhof park becomes a visual feast. Millions of tulips and other bulb flowers fight each other with their colors. This is a wonderful experience, suitable for all ages is also worth a camera records the wonderful scenery. Park, the design and color of strewn at random have sent, tulips and another bulb flower that is full of 80 acres of land, traditional and modern landscape gardening. On display in the museum of the flower is unique! Impressive think of opportunely, trends and characteristics can be used as the inspiration for the garden landscape.

The Louvre in Paris, arrange local licensed guide

The Louvre in Paris, France is one of the most famous museum in the world, it was built in the 12th century, by the French king Philip II order built by Augustus. The Louvre art collection now has more than 400000 pieces, including sculpture, painting, art craft collection in four floors. Palace is the most famous “this single, respectively, the victory of the uncanny workmanship, the young statue of liberty, vivid, beautiful and refined rice of Venus, and collection of mystery and beauty in one of the” Mona Lisa “. Among them, and to be seen as a treasure of the Da Vinci this big do the Mona Lisa is the most popular, if you have read the Da Vinci code the best-selling novel, then you cannot miss more can see Leonardo reproductions of this opportunity to think of yourself as the protagonist in the book Luo Bolan, cobwebs step by step, the buried behind this painting has been together hundreds of years of secret to dig out…

Keukenhof season

Impression Montmartre tour, sunlight, communication with the color of happiness
Pierre – Auguste Renoir, impressionist painting history of one of the most leading figures, and a small number of impressionist painting only for painting portraits of the famous painter, Renoir with transparent, bright-colored color, the traditional classical did a perfect combination, with the impressionist painting under his brush, happiness always present a warm and inviting atmosphere, Renoir, once said: “why can’t art is beautiful, ugly thing in the world has more than enough….” , and therefore even if suffering from rheumatism disease later in life, or even completely paralyzed, still as usual, create belong to his happiness impression this time journey, let us take you on a visit to the highest point of the Paris ~ Montmartre, went into the happiness of the master Renoir impression.

Humanities on the left bank of Paris coffee fragrance, etc, their life traveler

Walk in the beautiful flowers overflowing humanism on the left bank of Paris, went into every classic movies, novel in the outline of the important scenes, this moment! Your life traveler left heart in this romantic impression left bank!

Notre Dame DE Paris, Cathedrale Notre Dame DE Paris – ~ look to the beautiful window of gorgeous) together to realize the Maison de Victor Hugo epic “the hunchback ‘story of beauty and sorrow

Shakespeare bookstore baptized and Company ~ sitting on the bench, picked up a not well-known books, revisit romantic movie “love in Paris sunset ‘two people meet the throb of the plot
Eglise Saint-Sulpice~ into the solemn church, to find in the film “the Da Vinci code” protagonist sight along the meridian of roses to find the holy grail of stimulus

Left bank cafe, sipping coffee to stroll in the streets of full of coffee, remember the taste of romantic, travelers, make a life together in the left bank! Find a corner of their own

Paris SHOPPING diary, adorn your life tasteMontmartre tour

Pieces of French classic department

Ottoman avenue in Paris, France, the ninth area on the lafayette department Galeries lafayette or spring Printemps department store, one hundred buildings of elegant appearance, provides the countries of Europe delicate classic brand with all kinds of wine with advanced ingredients, in you enjoy shopping at the same time, also please you to savor this quiet and tastefully laid out and architectural features!

Select the most worth visiting city, give you a thick pair of medieval times, etc

The medieval town is charming, after the baptism of years still did not change any of the beautiful scenery along the road, Wall Street, every corner has a beautiful surprise, take you to visit Belgium region 3 Chinese century town, allows you to roam in the thick Europe amorous feelings.

Brugge (medieval beautiful water): with sleeping beauty’s medieval city laudatory name, in 2005 by the British Group Leisure travel magazine voted the world’s most beautiful city.

Brussels (of all) of the European: visit the most beautiful square in the world ~ gold big square, looking for a handsome sight to pee child!

U visit Holland classic towns, draw the outline of the Dutch of exclusive you little painted her love

The trip, we elaborate the three classic amorous feelings of Dutch towns, take you to see a windmill, wooden shoes, exclusive impression tulips in the Netherlands.

In pieces like a pearl necklace around the lake in the north sea fishing village: many of the fishing village still retains its traditional style, Fallon Dan is quite a popular wedding dress, a suitable location to you here besides can buy all kinds of souvenirs, why don’t you try to fall on Dan traditional costumes as a as a souvenir.

Pieces must be the most valuable windmill come ~ to child beware: 19 in the middle of the 18th century full of nostalgic windmill kept one by one is arranged in such you carefully appreciate, let you understand the household life of the Dutchman is given priority to with windmills oh, in 1997, the little boy is wary of UNESCO world heritage site income, important value, you can imagine!

Witness vitality of the Dutch capital style: the size of the canal as like water streets around here in the shade, and the shore is colorful and have distinguishing feature each ZhaiZhai Dutch house mountain type, all kinds of all kinds of interesting design Windows and roof, the sky, coloured drawing or pattern the Amsterdam today, let’s take a cruise ship, find your favorite beauty!!!!

Rüdesheim: Burg Rheinstein

Taken the natural landscape and meticulous classical architecture, painted field heart type amorous feelings feast together

The Rhine: what the Nile is to Egypt, the same of the Seine river in France, and brilliant cultural town every a vast country, there is always a feeling of the long river of civilization. For Germany, Germany civilization is the most important role of the river of life, first the Rhine.

Cologne: Germany’s oldest city, visit the famous cologne cathedral, explore the meaningful classic style of gothic buildings, it is the birthplace of the cologne!

Taken the painted four flavor meals orchestrated

Elaborate meals of alternating between China and western countries, let you don’t need to worry about eating problems. Is more special arrangement in the journey to increase European flavor food, let you enjoy the exotic gourmet food, the trip let you shouldn’t affect your dinner arrangement for the problem of language barrier of quality.

1. The Buddha before Aaron ~ Dan village cuisine + north sea fishing village fish flavor + dessert

2. Paris – French escargots starters + oil seal duck flavor with red (white) + dessert wine (not eat duck in beef or fish or lamb, prior to departure, please tell your dear business oh)

3. Bruges to Belgium mussels starters, sauteed chicken flavor and dessert

4. The Rhine – German roasted pig feet + dark beer flavor

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