The Tips Of Hong Kong Airport Transfer And What To Do In Hong Kong

One of the areas you should travel in the world is Hong Kong and have a view some of its breathtaking attraction sites. After you’ve made up your mind to travel to Hong Kong, there are a few things you’ll need to know about this city in China. The official language spoken here is Mandarin although you will find most hotels have staffs who can speak other languages.

As a visitor to Hong Kong from other nations, you need to know that you can visit Guangdong for a maximum of six days. You, therefore, need to make maximum use of the visit if you get the chance to visit there.

In terms of connecting Hong Kong and the Mainland China, there are several means of transport like air, train and ferry. You can choose the best means that fit you and your budget. You need to note that the main currency used here is the Renminbi (RMB)

The Tips Of Hong Kong Airport Transfer
After you have landed in Hong Kong, it’s always good to have your addresses as well as instructions written in Chinese for the taxi driver. You can’t get assured that the English language will work here.

If possible, you can have a map for easier travel as major streets have got signposts in pinyin the Roman system for the Chinese characters.

To enter the Mainland China, you will need a visa if you are a foreign national and you should ensure you obtain one from the Embassy in your country before you leave for Hong Kong.
HK(Hong Kong)
So as to be eligible for the a 144-hour convenient visa as a visitor, you must be in a tour organized by a travel agent registered in Hong Kong. You have to be in a group of two to forty people. You will also have to choose your entry and exit ports and ensure you use them.

To avoid queuing for long hours to buy travel tickets, the best way to overcome this is by ensuring you get a rechargeable Octopus Card that you can use on any of the public transportation in Hong Kong.

It’s also advisable to take a travel insurance so as to cater for any unforeseen circumstances and ensure that your visit goes uninterrupted.

Travel Guides And What To Do In Hong Kong
So as to enjoy to the maximum, you need to know the best time to visit. The high season is from September to late December and has sunny and dry days with cool, comfortable nights. In January and February, it’s mostly damp and cool while March and April are pleasant and in May we have warm and comfortable temperatures. The months of June to August are the cheapest as they coincide with the sticky, hot and rainy typhoon season.

While in Hong Kong, ensure you exercise the usual security precautions, and you will enjoy your visit in this city.

The scenic spots to visit and food:
When you travel to Hong Kong, you need to ensure that you have visited the following spots. They include the Victoria peak, Avenue of Stars, Symphony of Lights, Disneyland, Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360 and Repulse Bay among other sites. So as to get to these spots, there are different channels you can use, and you need to select one that suits you.

Some of the dishes you might enjoy on your travel to Hong Kong include sweet and sour pork, wontons, roast goose, wind sand chicken, shrimp and chicken balls as well as snake soup. Most people here are Chinese, and you are likely to be served Chinese traditional food mostly.

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