Travel The Whole World With An Around The World Plane Ticket

Traveling around the world is a dream that many people have but changing that dream into a reality is something that not everyone can afford. You have to arrange for a lot of money if you want to travel the world as you would end up spending quite a good fortune on air tickets. However, thanks to the airlines alliances, around the world plane ticket is an option for those who plan to travel around the globe visiting different lands.

What is a around the world ticket for plane?

In simple words, around the world plane ticket aka RTW ticket is a single multi-stop ticket that will let you fly through different countries by means of carriers of the same airlines or other airlines that are in alliance with the ticket issuing airlines company. There are certain rules and regulations that implies with these tickets, but if you have plans to travel the world for one full year, these tickets could save upto 30% of your total airfare expenses, than what you would had spent if you would have purchased separate tickets for every leg of your journey.

Around The World Plane Ticket

Rules and regulations for a RTW ticket

While every alliance company has their own set of rules and regulations but there are some standard rules as well that applies for almost all the alliance companies who sell around the world plane tickets. As per the general rules and regulations of an around the world plane ticket, you have to end your journey within one year of commencement and it has to end in the same country from you had started. Starting city and ending city could be different but the country has to be same.

The travel has to be planned in a way so that you can cross the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean only once. This means that your travel has to be planned in one direction only either heading east or heading west. There has to be a minimum and maximum number of stops in the overall journey and the total mileage of the travel have to be within the limits of 26,000 miles to 40,000 miles.

Round The World Ticket Cost

Round The World Ticket Cost

The price of around the world plane tickets vary from $1500 to $10,000 depending on the mileage, number of stops and the route. The cheapest round the world tickets cost come at around $1500 where the numbers of stops are just two or three.

Things to consider before you buy a RTW ticket

While around the world plane tickets are very economic options for people who travel the world but then there are certain things that you should consider before booking one for your world travel. As the ticket is valid for a particular airline and its alliance companies, you cannot include a country in your tour itinerary that is not being catered by these airlines. Also, you cannot be too flexible with the dates of travel and duration of stays. You have to stick to the schedule that you had planned initially if you have to travel around the globe by means of around the world plane tickets.

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